Polyamory -- the practice of having intimate relationships with more than one person -- is more common than some might assume. But how does this practice actually work? Listen in as Cristen and Molly cover polyamory live from SXSW.

Life Costs More for Same-Sex Couples

The Great Sex Frequency Divide

Depressing bedroom news alert! Confirming our worst fears about how the romance slowly fizzles as relationships plod past the seven-year itch and beyond, a new study from Australia finds that a lot of people in long-term heterosexual relationships are unsatisfied with their sex lives (via NYT).

Who Has a Facebook Relationship Status and Why: A Casual Case Study

When I started by Facebook account, I was freshly out of a relationship, so I filled in "single" in the relationship status field. A few minutes later, I decided I didn't want any status whatsoever. So I removed it. Then Facebook alerted my fledgling group of friends that "Cristen Conger is no longer single."

Sexism and the Search for "Good Men"

V-Day Study: Guys, Play Hard to Get

Guys, if you're single and having anxiety attacks about spending Valentine's Day alone, then do I have some sexy science advice for you! To pique a woman's interest, you don't need to wear your heart on your sleeve and make a grand romantic gesture. Instead, just ask her to hang out in a casual enough setting that she won't be able to decipher whether it's a date or not. In other words, play hard to get because according to a new study in Psychological Science, women like guys who are indifferent toward them (which explains so much and so little at the same time.)

Ask your grandparents or great grandparents how they met each other, there's a good chance family was involved. In the early 20th century, couples met most often through family members, which provided a vetting process before the dawn of modern-day dating. Once people started going on a-courtin' outside the home, friends became more involved as matchmakers, and the family's role diminished. But today, friends are getting elbowed out from introducing romantic hopefuls by the ultimate meta matchmaker: the Internet.

What is objectum sexuality?

Is it possible to become romantically involved with sound equipment, monuments or other objects? Yes, actually. In this episode, Cristen and Molly explore the psychology behind people who fall in love with objects, rather than other human beings.

What Difference Does Marriage Make?

Many, many episodes ago on Stuff Mom Never Told You, I jokingly commented to Molly that we should abolish marriage. We had been discussing the legal differences between civil unions and marriages, and after dissecting the legalese ad nauseum, I mentioned that maybe we should just do away with the whole thing. Let folks couple up as they will, and call it a day.

Could it be true that monogamous couples get an urge to cheat approximately every seven years? In this episode, Molly and Cristen explore the origin of this belief, as well as its validity -- or lack thereof.