Queering Romantic Comedies

According to the romantic comedy canon, only straight people fall in love. In the final installment of their rom com podcast series, Cristen and Caroline examine how mainstream titles treat LGBTQ characters and how queer rom coms subvert expected tropes.

The Online Dating Report

Has online dating made it easier to meet people and find long-term romance? Cristen and Caroline trace the fascinating history of people using technology to find love, romance in the mobile dating app era and whether Tinder and Grindr are threatening monogamy.

Dating Science: America's First OK Cupid

Dating Science: Flowers Make Men Sexier

Dating Science: Do Feminists Make for Better Girlfriends?

You know what's a fun topic to bring up on a first date with a guy? Feminism. Once you get hard-lined religious and political beliefs out of the way (preferably in the car, on the way to date destination or maybe during the appetizer if you must wait that long), I highly recommend you toss out a couple of Betty Friedan or bell hooks quotes, and see if the gent picks up on it and responds with an appropriate Simone de Beauvoir reference. Awkward silences -- not gonna happen, guaranteed.

How many younger men date older women?

Dating Science: Hot Dates Expect Free Dinner

Office Romance By the Numbers

When women entered the office in the 1870s, so did sex. By that time, barely 2,000 women had entered the office workplace, which was being gradually revolutionized, gender-wise, partially due to a Civil War-related "man drain." This was also when a company called E. Remington & Sons was looking to diversify its post-war product line away from rifles and got into the typewriter business. By 1900, the proportion of female stenographers or "typewriter girls" was 76.7 percent, as secretarial work was well on its way to becoming a "pink collar" profession.

#BadTech: Lulu, a Guy-Rating App For Women

This post begs a hackneyed intro, so here it is: Are you a heterosexual woman who wishes she could read reviews of prospective boyfriends to find out whether he's a stud or a dud? There's an app for that.