Disabled Sexuality

People with disabilities are frequently erased from conversations about sexuality because of deeply ingrained stereotypes and marginalizing assumptions. Cristen and Caroline look at where these desexualizing tropes came from and their very real consequences.

Cuddle Puddle

Cuddling permeates many of our closest relationships, whether platonic or romantic - but why? Cristen and Caroline investigate the nature and nurture of cuddling, why some people are now paying for a good snuggle and who wins the spooning battle of the sexes.

Lube 101

Whether you're alone or partnered up, using personal lubricants is nothing to be ashamed of. Cristen and Caroline outline the history, use, and benefits of women using lube and dispel sex-shaming expectations about how female bodies ought to ready themselves for sex.

Feminist Anthropology

Anthropology, or the study of past and present humans, was a discipline largely developed by and focused on men. Cristen and Caroline examine how pioneering women anthropologists and the rise of feminist anthropology changed mainstream ideas about gender, sex and women's roles.

13 Wondrous Whipstresses

The fascination with dominant women and flagellation is nothing new. In our episodes on BDSM and dominatrices, we mentioned Victorian "fladge porn," but the fascination with women and whipping stretches back way earlier. Take a look at whipstress imagery from 14th-century Italy all the way through 20th-century Hollywood.

BDSM 101

Is BDSM a safe and healthy sexual lifestyle? Cristen and Caroline guide listeners through the basics of Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism and why it isn't what '50 Shades of Grey' readers might think it is.

Slut Shaming 101

Slut shaming is one of society's favorite forms of policing female sexuality. Cristen and Caroline explore the history, science and psychology of slut shaming, and why it's often a girl-on-girl pattern.

Premature Ejaculation

One in the three men are reported to suffer from premature ejaculation. But just how premature is premature ejaculation and why does it happen? Cristen and Caroline trace its medical history from inconvenience to pharmaceutical gold mine.

Do women ejaculate?

Written descriptions of female ejaculation first appeared two thousand years ago, yet scientists still debate whether squirting really happens. Cristen and Caroline trace the medical history of female ejaculation and why squirting controversy persists in medical labs, porn studios and bedrooms today.

A Brief History of the Clitoris

A brief history of why the complete and anatomically complex female clitoris has only recently been fully revealed.