Is modest hottest?

Since ancient times, women have been advised to cover up in order to protect their dignity. More recently, a so-called "modesty movement" has gotten underway, and Cristen and Caroline undress how the "modest is hottest" message ultimately strips agency from women and men alike.

Do we expect too much from marriage?

Respected relationship psychologist and scholar Eli J. Finkel found that, on average, marriage satisfaction has declined over time while the happiest ones have gotten even happier. Finkel attributes this peculiar gap to the post-1965 era of the "self-expressive marriage," or the kind of "you not only complete me, but also inspire me to be the very best me."

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Woodbury Facial Soap: The First Product 'Sex Sells'

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Kitty D'Alessio, advertising brain behind Maidenform's iconic "I Dreamed..." campaign. By the time these ads debuted in the early '60s, images of lingerie-clad w0men weren't exactly scandalous. After all, sex had been selling products in American advertising since 1917.

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