For the second "Boys of Summer" episode, Caroline and Cristen discuss the life and legacy of John Rock, a devout Catholic and co-inventor of America's first birth control pill.

Sexcereal, the Sexiest Breakfast of Sex Champions

A new-ish cereal on the market brings a whole new meaning to "breakfast of champions." In 2012, Canadian entrepreneur Peter Ehrlich launched a crunchy concoction called Sexcereal, which requires little explanation as to what it is and what it's supposed to do. But just in case the innuendo isn't clear enough, granola-esque Sexcereal (all one word) is "the world's first gender-based breakfast cereal, formulated by a team of nutritional and quality-control professionals" to enhance consumers' sex drives. As a "gender-based" foodstuff, Sexcereal comes in two (cisnormative) varieties: For Him and For Her...

Have food morals replaced sexual morals? Do modern humans want pizza and chocolate more than sex? Surveys suggest yes. Listen in to learn more about how food and sex collide in the brain.

What's the deal with virginity auctions? Why is virginity associated with both sacredness and stigma, especially for women? Is virginity a valueless construct rather than an actual physical state?

Can you have sex with a ghost?

Ke$ha claimed to have sex with a ghost, and the pop star is not alone in the claim. So why do people believe that incubi, succubi and ghosts lurk in the bedroom. Is sleep paralysis to blame for people's reports of ghost sex? Listen in to learn more.

Finally, in 2011 doctors confirmed that it's safe to have sex during pregnancy -- but that's not the end of the story. Why are some men especially attracted to pregnant women? How does pregnancy affect sex drive? Join Cristen and Caroline to learn more.

How long should you wait to have sex after meeting someone?

Did a study really determine 182 days to be the optimum amount of time to wait? Listen in to learn why waiting for sex shouldn't be a numbers game (and how to know when you're ready).

What are the most commonly banned books? In this episode, Cristen and Caroline read between the (banned) lines of history, from a legal timeline of book banning to the primary reasons books are banned in the first place: sex, language and the occult.

Does "the talk" make a difference in teen sexual behavior? Is it true that 40 percent of adolescents get "the talk" after they've already engaged in sexual intercourse? How should parents talk about sex with LGBT youth? Tune in for more with Cristen and Caroline.

In this episode, Cristen and Caroline examine the relationship birth control and perceptions of promiscuity. Learn more about how birth control historically affected the outlook on premarital sex, and what happens when the cost of birth control rises.