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Win Her Heart with...Horror Movies?

Are you an average Joe hoping to woo a lovely lady just in time for Halloween couples' costumes? Good news. You don't have to be a hunk to attract the apple of your eye around Halloween because you have the perfect seasonal entertainment at your disposal.

According to anecdotal evidence and some studies, women are often attracted to "bad boys" -- risk-taking, narcissistic types. Molly and Cristen discuss three personality traits that make bad boys (and girls) appealing in this episode.

Molly and Cristen discuss what studies suggest about body language and initial attraction (and even test out some of the behaviors themselves) in this episode.

When it comes to relationships, the conventional wisdom is that opposites attract. In this episode, Molly and Cristen explore what genetics, scientific studies and anecdotal evidence suggest about what makes romantic partners most attractive to us.

Why are women so attracted to vampires?

Unless you've been hiding under a rock lately, you've probably noticed that there's a vampire craze afoot, especially among women. Why? Tune in as Molly, Cristen and a very special guest weigh in on vampire fiction and women's attraction to vampires.

Why does the sizzle fizzle?

The initial phase of a romantic relationship sizzles with attraction, but inevitably, those overwhelming feelings start to fizzle. Why? Explore the neurochemistry of love in this podcast from

If you're like many women, you've spritzed on perfume before going out. But have you ever wondered what that sweet scent is really doing for you? Sniff out the science and stereotypes behind perfume in this podcast from