What do men and women look for in cars? What are the facts about discrimination at the dealership? In this episode, Caroline and Cristen take a closer look at a new study that finds women are savvier car shoppers.

Do Women Spend With Their Ovaries?

Women, hide your credit cards when your period is around the corner! That is, if you buy the findings of a recent psychology study out of the UK. With somewhat predictable findings, a pair of psychologists surveyed women about their menstrual cycles and shopping habits and found that not only does PMS bring along delightful mood swings and cramping, it may also lower womens' shopping restraint.

Molly and Cristen examine the stereotype that women love to shop and discuss what constitutes a "shopaholic" in this episode.

Women shopping for clothes often find that sizes are less than standard. Why the confusing system? Learn more about the history -- and future -- of women's clothing sizes in this podcast from

Stereotypes peg women as shopaholics, but studies show that both men and women are susceptible to compulsive shopping. Discover how our brains -- and savvy marketers -- influence our purchases in this podcast from