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How Sponsored Content killed the Mommy Internet

Mom bloggers say the internet has changed. Here’s why.


Are #blessed and #lucky just another way for women to downplay success -- or to humblebrag? Cristen and Caroline dive into why so many ladies on social media seem to feel the need to portray themselves as effortlessly perfect.

Do women run Twitter?

To mark the anniversary of the first-ever tweet in March 2006, Cristen and Caroline take a look at how women use Twitter in greater numbers than men -- except when it comes to running the powerful social media enterprise.

The Horrifying Rise of Revenge Porn

Is Instagram "deep liking" the new Facebook flirting?

It's no big surprise then that feverish conversation about how romance plays out on Facebook, with earnest analyses on the significance of poking (just don't.), friending and relationship status-updating, has started to shift to other hipper social platforms. Over at Elle, for instance, Anna Deutsch proposed that Instagram flirting is the new new, and that hip guys forgo Facebook friending to instead scroll through women's personal photo collections and "deep like" as a sign of their affection -- or at the very least sexual intention...

Generation Instagram

If you're a millennial with a smart phone, there's a good chance you're on Instagram. Caroline and Cristen chart the brief history of the popular photo filter app, who uses it and what our Instagram feeds say about modern life.

Who came up with Pinterest and why? Why is Pinterest so popular among women? In this episode, Cristen and Caroline do more than answer these questions -- they also explore Manteresting, Gentlemint and other 'Pinterests for dudes.'

Fact: Facebook Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Women, Ever

Mark Zuckerberg probably had no idea that the social media juggernaut he created would one day be the stage on which countless women's gender-specific insecurity and anxiety would play out for researchers to pick apart and analyze. In 2011 alone, Facebook research (in academic and non-academic settings) has concluded the following...

Who Has a Facebook Relationship Status and Why: A Casual Case Study

When I started by Facebook account, I was freshly out of a relationship, so I filled in "single" in the relationship status field. A few minutes later, I decided I didn't want any status whatsoever. So I removed it. Then Facebook alerted my fledgling group of friends that "Cristen Conger is no longer single."