street harassment

Classic Episode: Is catcalling harassment?

Why do some men yell at women on the street? Cristen and Caroline discuss why catcalling happens and women's century-long fight against street harassment.

Street Art Sisterhood

The history of graffitti and street art have been tagged with men's names, but not anymore. Women around the world are turning public spaces into their canvases, challenging gender norms and the art world at large. Just don't call them "female Banksys."

How Wall Street's Original Joan Holloway Inspired Second-Wave Feminist Protests

Sixty years later as Women's Liberation was going full throttle, the anti-catcall tactic was less eye gouging and more man heckling with ogle-ins, like sit-ins with wolf whistles.

What Happens When a Man Gets Catcalled

What happens when a man gets catcalled? He gets angry, disgusted and even hostile toward the catcaller; in other words, he experiences the storm of negative emotions and disturbing sense of vulnerability many women experience every time they step foot on a sidewalk.

Facebook Poll: Are Catcalls Compliments? It Depends...

In recent years, organizations such as Hollaback! have launched campaigns to stop this female-targeted street harassment and educate men about why these public displays of attraction/lust/leering can make women uncomfortable and potential endanger us physically. But the results of our informal Facebook poll also indicate that not all catcalls are created and received equally.