Pant Zippers Are Penis Bear Traps, Study Finds

Maybe more men should consider switching to button-fly pants because zippers are essentially bear traps laying in wait for penises to entrap. At least that's the subtext I gathered from one of the most popular studies on the Internet this week, succinctly titled "Zip-related genital injury." Published in the March 2013 edition of the Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons (whose happy hours are undoubtedly peppered with all sorts of fascinating urogenital trivia), the study sought to quantify just how much of a problem pant zippers pose to penises. Answer: quite a lot.

Fact: Facebook Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Women, Ever

Mark Zuckerberg probably had no idea that the social media juggernaut he created would one day be the stage on which countless women's gender-specific insecurity and anxiety would play out for researchers to pick apart and analyze. In 2011 alone, Facebook research (in academic and non-academic settings) has concluded the following...

Status Update: Facebook Is Stressing You Out!

Yesterday, I had a red letter day for a number of reasons. At one point, I found myself practically bouncing up and down in my office chair with glee, trying to think of the best way to broadcast my A-plus fantastic mood to the rest of the world via Facebook. Why would anyone care that I had a chocolate cupcake kind of day? I don't know. But after agonizing over how to communicate all of this, I finally gave up and decided to keep my good fortune to myself. I was suffering, apparently, from Facebook-related anxiety.