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SMNTY Classics: The Forgotten Black Women of Punk Rock

Punk rock is often thought of as a 'white thing' even though it has roots in Black communities. Self-proclaimed riot girl Bridget explores the erasure of black women in punk. A & B revisit this favorite episode.

What does it mean to be ‘Unladylike’ in 2018?

Bridget and Emilie sit down with former SMNTY hosts, Cristen & Caroline to hear how they’re embracing being ‘Unladylike’ and how you can, too.

Who's the Queen of Comics? (Hint: Not Wonder Woman)

Nicknamed the "Queen of Comics" during her succesful comic career in the early 20th century, Brinkley kept herself busy away from the drawing table as well. "Incidentally, Brinkley was also a roving reporter, covering murder trials and World War I, as well as promoting working women and the suffrage movement." Brinkley biographer Trina Robbins also describes the illustrator as "a chronicler, a feminist, a blood-and-thunder storyteller."

NFL Cheerleaders Earn Less Than Fast Food Workers

On the eve of the 2016 Super Bowl between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, paltry pay for NFL cheerleaders remains an ongoing issue.

Who invented the Christmas card?

Americans bought around 2 billion Christmas cards in 2010, according to the Greeting Card Association. Despite women making 85 percent of greeting card purchases these days, we send and receive Christmas and holiday cards thanks to a British fellow (kind of like how men invented high heels).

5 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Feminist

Sexism in VFX: Q+A with Kylee Wall Pena

Even More Cooking Shows

Our listeners always come through with recommendations for further reading -- and in this case, further watching. After our episodes on The Gendered Chef and Cooking Shows, you guys wrote in about the shows and chefs you never miss.

8 Bizarre and Amazing Vintage Halloween Costumes

My two favorite things aside from sandwiches? Weird vintage photos and Halloween. If you're feeling low on the costume inspo front -- or just want to marvel at some masks and some adult women in baby carriages -- look no further.

9 Women Who Changed Anthropology

You'd think the study of humans - all humans, past and present - would be a little more equitable when it comes to gender. After all, women are half the humans. But don't let common sense cloud your vision! Since the dawn of anthropology as an official social-science discipline, its members have skewed male and white. Its "informants," or the subjects being interviewed by the foreign "experts," have also tended to skew male. Why interview a bunch of women about what they do all day when you could just take the men's word for it?