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STEM Women Hall of Fame: Sci Fi Creatoress

In 1666, Lady Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, penned one of this universe's earliest examples - if not the first - of science fiction.

Judy Blume Forever

One of the most beloved and banned authors, Judy Blume wrote adolescence like no other. Cristen and Caroline investigate how Judy Blume's real life intersected with her fictional books, censorship activism and feminism.

Empresses of Science Fiction

Did you know a woman wrote what many consider the first science-fiction novel? Cristen and Caroline explore women who've shaped science fiction's past and present and how the genre plays with gender.

85 YA Books Beloved by Adults

We asked Stuff Mom Never Told You fans to tell us their most beloved YA books and authors, and these are the many titles they gave us. Happy reading!

50 SMNTY Book Recommendations For Summer...Or Any Season

It's that time again! Here's our 2013 SMNTY summer book recommendations compiled from what Cristen, Caroline and literary listeners are reading, as well as some titles we've cited in podcasts. It's a colorful mix of fiction and nonfiction with a strong focus on women...of course. And though the titles link to Amazon for the sake of convenience, if you see something you like, head over to your local bookstore!

The Ultimate 2011 Stuff Mom Never Told You Summer Reading List

Thanks to our Facebook fans and Twitter followers who contributed to the Stuff Mom Never Told You Summer Reading List 2011 (SMNTYSRL2K11)! Here's a selection of reading recommendations to get you through this mind-melting summertime swelter.