Summer Shorts

Who invented the Cathy comic strip, and how does she compare to Cathy, the comic character? Does Cathy leave behind a positive or negative record for females in the comic industry? Listen in for the answers to these questions and more.

Summer Shorts: Freckles

It's summer, and some folks are sprouting freckles left and right. But what are freckles anyway? How does sunlight produce them? Tune in to learn more about freckles, including the difference between freckles and moles.

Did you know that summer camp started to toughen up "weakly boys" before it became popular with kids across the nation? In this episode, Caroline and Cristen recount the history of U.S. summer camps, from the early days to modern specialty summer camps.

Summer Shorts: Pricey Swimsuits

Why do itsy bitsy bikinis cost so much for so little cloth? Join Cristen and Caroline as they look at the average women's swimsuit price, the life cycle of a swimsuit and more.

Who invented the jock strap? How do the physics of jock straps work? How many varieties of jock strap exist, and are there any alternatives? In this episode, Cristen and Caroline recount a brief history of the jock strap.

Lifeguards work at pools and coasts around the world, but where do they come from? In this episode, Caroline and Cristen dive into the world of lifeguards, from the history of lifeguarding to discrimination, the global impact of 'Baywatch' and more.

Summer Shorts: Nude Beaches

Why are Germans so fond of nude sunbathing? How did Heinrich Pudor become the father of nudism? Where are the world's best nude beaches? Listen in to learn more about nude beaches.

Summer Shorts: Vajazzling

What is vajazzling, and why did women start gluing crystals on their bikini lines? Does vajazzling pose health risks? And what about the male equivalent -- pejazzling? Join Cristen and Caroline as they explore the unique body art known as vajazzling.