Swimsuit Season Lies No. 3: Boys Don't Have Body Issues

I'd wager that around 99.9 percent of "swimsuit season" anxiety perpetuated by advertising and weight-loss articles are targeted toward women and girls (Men's Health subscribers, correct me if I'm wrong here). Why? Because guys don't have to flaunt it all in a bikini, so they have no reason to be body conscious, right?

Swimsuit Season Lies No. 1: You Can Get Rid of Cellulite

Yesterday, I received my first pool invitation of 2011. The sun was beating like a bongo here in Atlanta, and my sunglasses were slowly slipping down my face due to sweat when the prospect of a pool popped up. But the first reflexive thought in my to-pool-or-not-to-pool decision had nothing to do with the heat. How will you look in a swimsuit? Are you really bikini-ready, Conger?

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