Classic Episode: The Revenge Porn Wars

Sometimes termed "cyber rape," revenge porn refers to sexually explicit images and videos nonconsensually shared on the internet. Cristen and Caroline chart the horrifying rise of revenge porn, why it happens, how it affects the victims and how the digital laws are evolving to criminalize it.

Sexist Emoji?

Emoji are revolutionizing the way we communicate while also communicating gender stereotypes about women. Cristen and Caroline decode the gendered patterns of emoji use and why some think they don't speak loudly enough for girls and women.

Dating Science: America's First OK Cupid

Do women run Twitter?

To mark the anniversary of the first-ever tweet in March 2006, Cristen and Caroline take a look at how women use Twitter in greater numbers than men -- except when it comes to running the powerful social media enterprise.

Women in Tech

Why are fewer women than ever before pursuing computer science degrees? Lauren Vogelbaum of TechStuff stops by the show to discuss the tech industry's gender gap and whether the "brogrammer" culture is a sexist reality.

Generation Instagram

If you're a millennial with a smart phone, there's a good chance you're on Instagram. Caroline and Cristen chart the brief history of the popular photo filter app, who uses it and what our Instagram feeds say about modern life.

A Lovely Conversation on Beauty & Feminism

How has Photoshop, social media and modern advertising altered the meaning of beauty? Cristen interviews beauty scholar Autumn Whitefield-Madrono of The Beheld about 21st-century beauty and how it intersects with technology and feminism.