the workplace

The Workplace Fear Factor

Why are successful women more likely to suffer from the "imposter syndrome?" In part two of their special series on "Lean In," Cristen and Caroline discuss fear in the workplace and how to overcome it.

The Office Romance

As soon as women entered the American workplace in the 1860s, sex and romance have been a common undercurrent of office life. Cristen and Caroline explore the risks and rewards of 21st-century office romances, along with cupid contracts, trading sex for promotions and sexual harassment.

Does teleworking solve the childcare issue? Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore the high cost of childcare for working parents & single moms, as well as how workplace childcare improves job satisfaction and business bottom lines.

Why is crying in the workplace such a highly discussed topic for women? Scientifically speaking, prolactin and smaller tear ducts make women more prone to crying. Tune in to learn more, including strategies for managing emotions in the workplace.

Queen Bee Syndrome was coined in the 1970s to describe terrible lady bosses, yet recent research challenges the notion of Queen Bee Syndrome. Listen in to learn why women should help other women - and men -- in the workplace

Surveys show that women may possess more of the skills necessary to be a good boss, so why do employees prefer male bosses? Tune in as Molly and Cristen talk about how stereotypical gender traits can affect women hoping to take control of the office.