The Men's Engagement Ring Fail of 1926

Why High School Prom Happens

Betrothed men and women have exchanged rings for centuries, but women receiving diamonds is a 20th-century invention. Cristen and Caroline take an unromantic look and how DeBeers taught us that diamonds are forever and should cost two months salary.

How 1951 Miss America Sparked the Miss USA Pageant

Ever wonder what the difference is between Miss America and Miss USA, aside from the latter's affiliation with beauty hair king Donald Trump? Two words: swimsuit competition. Yes, both competitions include a swimsuit portion, known delicately in Miss America as "Lifestyle and Fitness," but it was swimwear that got Miss USA off the ground in 1952, more than 30 years after Miss America began on the Atlantic City boardwalk...

Why do we celebrate Mother's Day?

On Sunday, Americans will spend more than $16 billion dollars celebrating Mother's Day. Cristen and Caroline discuss why we treat moms to brunch and flowers every second Sunday in May, and why the founder of Mother's Day regretted how popular it became.

Sleepovers became popular in the U.S. in the 1950s, and over time they've become a tradition. How do you know when your kid is ready for sleepovers? Are co-ed sleepovers kosher? Tune in to learn more with Caroline and Cristen.

In 2012, U.S. parents will spend $1,087 to send their children to prom. It's a big business, but how did it get started? Caroline and Cristen recount the checkered past of the prom, including racial segregation, sexual discrimination and the ACLU.

The Hidden Costs of Valentine's Day Flowers

As Valentine's Day approaches, Cristen and Caroline take a closer look at floriography and the meaning of flowers. Where do Valentine's bouquets come from? What's it like for women working in the flower industry? Tune in to learn more.

There's no denying that nuns are iconic. Unfortunately, they're all stereotyped in modern culture. In this episode, Molly and Cristen cut past the stereotypes and examine the life, traditions and habits (get it?) of Catholic nuns.

Gift-giving is a common human tradition, especially around holidays and birthdays. But who benefits most: the giver, or the receiver? In this episode, Molly and Cristen examine what studies reveal about altruism, gifts and human psychology.