Unicorn Legends

The associations between unicorns and all things feminine is nothing new, but where did it come from? Cristen and Caroline dive into unicorns' history as goddesses' pets, symbols for Christ and the stars of Lisa Frank trapper keepers.

Finding Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank is a real person, and she has a stable of sad unicorns and wilted rainbows hidden away in her closet. Cristen and Caroline explore Lisa Frank's rise to girlhood fame and descent into corporate chaos.

A Unicorn Ride Around the World

Unicorns are by no means limited to Lisa Frank stickers. In fact, their mythology extends as far back as the 4th century BC when Greek physician Ctesias described fantastical unicorn-like creatures he had heard about during his travels to Persia. The one-horned horses also are cross-cultural creatures, appearing in various forms in the Bible (one legend suggests they died off in the Great Flood because they were too slow to board Noah's Ark), East Asian lore, on European coats of arms -- and, of course, across the Internet today.