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Vintage Badvertising: Flirty Flight Attendants

Vintage Badvertising: Credit-Shaming Wives

Vintage Badvertising: Cigarettes Are Like Women...

Vintage Badvertising: Space Housewives

Vintage Douching Ads and Scare Tactics, Courtesy of Zonite

In the Stuff Mom Never Told You episode on douching, Caroline and I discussed the advertising history of feminine hygiene products that revolved around scare tactics. In those early days, Lysol and Zonite pushed their wares as feminine hygiene products by convincing female consumers that if they didn't douche, their husbands would lose sexual interest.

Best of the Worst Vintage Airline Ads: I'm Cheryl. Fly Me!

If Molly and I ever run out of ideas for Stuff Mom Never Told You, I already have a Plan B ready to go: Stuff Mom Never Told You About Airline Advertising. While researching for the new episode on the history of flight attendants, we unearthed so many cringe-worthy tag lines and commercials, it wasn't easy picking the best of the worst among them.