Hollywood Witches

From Bewitched to American Horror Story: Coven, Hollywood has loved casting women as witches. In this Halloween episode, Cristen and Caroline discuss why witches are arguably the best female archetype on screen and their ideal witch squad members.

Feminist Witchcraft

Some argue that all feminists are witches by default and mean it as a compliment. Cristen and Caroline explore the not-so-spooky relationship between feminism, witchcraft and modern-day Wicca.

Why are witches green?

What's up with our popular conception of witches as a green-skinned hags? It is, after all, one of the most common witch-related Google queries.

The Mother of Modern Witchcraft

In popular culture, witchcraft is commonly associated with women, but in fact, men can be witches, too. In this special Halloween episode, Molly and Cristen discuss the history, practices and many different definitions and conceptions of witches.