women explorers

Seafaring Women

The earliest seafaring women had to disguise themselves as men just to be allowed aboard ships. In this aquatic installment of their series on exploration, Cristen and Caroline chart the incredible adventures of women on the high seas past and present.

Antarctic Women

Of all the places on the globe, Antarctica has been the hardest for women to reach, barred even from South Pole-bound ships. Cristen and Caroline bundle up for an adventure with the persistent women who fought their way to explore the icy continent. Antarctica-bound ships, women have had to fight their way to explore the icy continent.

Mapping Women Explorers

Exploration has long be considered a manly pursuit, but a new generation of women explorers and adventures are changing that. Cristen and Caroline survey the women's rich and exciting history of exploration and how they've fought for the right the investigate the natural world -- even in petticoats and corsets.