women's health

Bag the Douche

Historically advertised as a sanitary process, douching has become increasingly controversial. In this episode, Caroline and Cristen take a closer look at the facts surrounding douching -- and why it isn't as near as healthy as some might believe.

Three out of four women will have a yeast infection in her lifetime, experiencing a range of unpleasant symptoms. But while you may be tempted to head for the nearest drug store, it's more important to visit your doctor. Tune in to learn more.

How can you not know you are pregnant?

We've all seen those news stories where a woman goes nine months without realizing she's pregnant. It happens more often than you might think - but how? Join Molly and Cristen as they investigate how pregnancies can be overlooked.

Bicycles, Horses, and Hymens

Despite the hymen serving no biological purpose whatsoever, it's probably the most controversial part of the female anatomy (although not all women are born with hymens). And although we associate a broken hymen with initial intercourse, there are myriad manners for that tenuous tissue to tear...

5 Reasons Why It's Harder for Women to Quit Smoking

Of course, we now know that smoking isn't healthy for either gender and kills roughly 5 million people around the world every year. But plenty of us still do it, and GOOD magazine illustrates why that is in slick infographic form. Moreover, women who get hooked typically have a tougher time kicking nicotine, and here are the big five reasons...

When Dr. Arnold Kegel noticed a high frequency of urinary incontinence in women after they had given birth, he designed the Kegel exercise. Join Molly and Cristen as they explore this technique, from the story of its creation to modern Kegel exercises.

Pro-Choice Doesn't Equal Pro-Abortion

There's a reason why Molly and I waited for more than 200 episodes of Stuff Mom Never Told You to have a frank conversation about abortion. It's one of the most controversial and divisive political, social and health issues simmering in the American mainstream. Our abiding podcast philosophy is to maintain objectivity as much as possible, and, frankly, we needed 200+ episodes of practice to present abortion in as honest, nonpolitical way possible. Hence, the podcast title "A Politics-Free Abortion Podcast."

People spend 20 billion dollars a year on health supplements like multivitamins -- but do they actually work? Join Molly and Cristen as they explore the value of vitamin supplements (or the lack thereof).

A Politics-Free Abortion Podcast

Abortions are tremendously controversial -- but how do they actually work? In this episode, Cristen and Molly cut past the politics to give you the facts on abortion. Tune in to learn more.

The hot flash is one of the most infamous symbols of menopause, and it's no laughing matter. But what exactly is a hot flash, and what causes it? In this podcast, Cristen and Molly break down the science behind hot flashes.