women's media

Are lady mags afraid of powerful women?

In many ways, one could easily argue, mainstream women's magazines are like the mini-Bud Lite Limaritas of the publishing world: fetchingly packaged, surprisingly satisfying and packed with stuff that's not-so-great for me. Yet I love them both.

Forever Sassy

In 1986, Jane Pratt founded Sassy, a magazine which revolutionized teen girl media and culture, and now she helms xoJane.com. Cristen chatted with Jane how the pressures on young women have changed -- and stayed the same -- over the years, feminism, and the importance of xoJane and Sassy today.

Gaga, Beyonce, Ellen Most Powerful Women in the World?

Maybe I just have Gaga fatigue. Either way, I sighed like an annoyed teenager when I spotted ye olde Gaga on Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women in the World list. I fully expected the pop star to score a ridiculously high rank on the list (she's #7), but Beyonce and Ellen Degeneres rounding out the top 10? Come on.

Life According to Cosmo Begins

The other night, I did something that I haven't done since my high school days. I plunked down on my front porch and read the ultra high-brow July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Yes, that Cosmopolitan, aka the kneejerk metaphor for pretty much everything wrong with women's pop culture today. And no, it wasn't an affinity for cover girl Shakira that led me to fork over my hard-earned $4.29.