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Women's Tennis: From Pat Ball to Grand Slams

Among professional sports, tennis often is cited as one of the most gender equitable for female athletes. Cristen and Caroline serve up the evolution of women's tennis and the players who trailblazed the way to diversity on the court.

Why isn't there a Women's Tour de France?

On June 29, the 100th Tour de France kicked off in Corsica, and the peleton of male cyclists are all peddling for the Lance-Armstrong-tainted crown. So where are the women cyclists and their Kevlar-tough calves? Waiting for the ladies' race to begin? No, because there isn't one, much to the understandable chagrin of top-tier cyclists like Britain's Emma Pooley who, in a recent interview with BBC Women's Hour, discussed why a women's Tour de France doesn't exist:

How has Title IX evolved?

Although Title IX is now associated with its impact on female athletics in educational arenas, the woman who spurred the law's passage had a different agenda. Molly and Cristen examine Title IX's origins, present and controversial future in this episode.