women's work

Librarians, Part 2

Almost as soon as public libraries began flourishing, librarian quickly became one of the most female-dominated jobs in the country. Cristen and Caroline break down was being a librarian was really like back in the day and the badass women who've shaped these community centers of learning and culture.

Librarians, Part 1

Being a librarian was originally a man's job. Then Melvil Dewey and his book-loving bros came along and changed all that. But while the feminization of librarianship offered new a new occupation for women, it was built on old ideas about female nature and its proper place.


By the time The Babysitters Club hit bookshelves, amateur childcare already had a buckwild history. Cristen and Caroline chart the invention, gender panic and economic boom of the babysitting industry.

Lady Truckers

The trucking industry is recruiting women like never before. Cristen and Caroline get behind the wheel of what life is really life out there on the road and the long haul it will take to make the job safer for women.


Knitting was originally a job for the menfolk. Cristen and Caroline stitch together the mysterious history of the craft, how it transitioned to women's domestic work and how third-wave feminists reclaimed it.

Designing Women

Interior design has been considered 'women's work' ever since Elsie de Wolfe became America's first famous decorator in the early 20th century. Cristen and Caroline investigate the feminization of interior design, the use of color and home decor and why 'decorator' became a dirty word in the industry.

Women's Work: Construction

Despite the stereotype of construction being men's-only work, women are just as capable of working on building sites as men. But when it comes to women entering the workforce, the construction industry is an outlier: While other male-dominated industries have attracted more women over the decades, the numbers in construction have long stagnated. As the construction industry rebounds from the recession, it could use women workers more than ever before -- and here's a round up of photos to prove we're up to the job.

Women in Construction

Women are a rarity sight on construction sites, making up .less than 10 percent of the building industry. Cristen and Caroline break down the particular challenges women in construction face -- none of which have to do with upper body strength.

Women's Work: Exploration

17 incredible explorers who scoured the globe against all womanly odds.

Women's Work: Farmerettes

Before Rosie the Riveter, there was the Farmerette.