The Workplace Fear Factor

Why are successful women more likely to suffer from the "imposter syndrome?" In part two of their special series on "Lean In," Cristen and Caroline discuss fear in the workplace and how to overcome it.

Lean In + SMNTY: The Workplace Fear Factor

In 1978, Oberlin psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes coined the term "impostor syndrome" to describe an underlying feeling of being a fraud that often results in undercutting one's accomplishments. In part two of our four-part series on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In," Caroline and I unpack the imposter syndrome in the workplace and explore how to banish that fear because it seems to particularly affect successful women. Sandberg writes that she first heard about imposter syndrome while attending a speech called "Feeling Like a Fraud" by Dr. Peggy McIntosh from the Wellesley Centers for Women, and she later told Salon, "I believe that had I not heard that speech, I would not have the job that I have."

How to Become a Stuntwoman

Before studying up for our Stuff Mom Never Told You episode, "Hollywood Stuntwomen," I didn't know too much about what it takes to become a butt-kicking, fast-driving, fire-walking stunt double on the big screen aside from possessing inborn fearlessness and a passion for exercise. Nor did it occur to me how the being a woman stunt double comes with unique challenges that arguably makes their jobs more challenging than that of stunt performing men...

Hollywood Stuntwomen

Who are the pioneering stuntwomen who opened up this niche Hollywood industry to women? Caroline and Cristen take a look at women and stunt work then and now.

Lean In + SMNTY: How to Negotiate Like a Woman

Way back when in 2009, one of the early episodes of Stuff Mom Never Told You on the topic of women and negotiation struck a major chord with me. The gist of it was dismal: working women don't negotiate their salaries nearly as much or as aggressively as men do, and I was one of those working women. Up until that point, I hadn't done a good job negotiating for myself, and even though I relatively fresh out of college, it was a stinging realization because it felt like I was already off on the wrong foot -- or at least the lower-earning foot...

Angry Women

Anger is complex emotion, especially when gender gets involved. Caroline and Cristen explore how men and women experience and express anger differently and how to manage anger when it naturally arises.

Lady Farts

Cristen and Caroline get down to the stinky science and gender differences of passing gas because, like it or not, everybody farts.

Sketchy Stat: "Women Own 1% of Property"

The Royal Mistress Who Gave Diamonds Their Glitter

Although De Beers has been trying to convince us that "diamonds are forever" since 1947 when copy writer Frances Gerety coined the iconic slogan, the gemstones' popularity traces back around 600 years. Up until the mid-1400s, diamonds not only were rare, coming exclusively from India, but cut diamonds also were often sanctioned only for kings and religious iconography. Some royal edicts even forbade non-royals, especially women, from wearing them. But by the mid-1400s, wealthy women would accessorize with diamond jewelry, a trend commonly attributed to Agnes Sorel, mistress of French King Charles VII (see: Joan of Arc) who was also known as Dame de Beauté, or Lady of Beauty.

Meet the NFL's Probably-Soon-to-Be 1st Female Ref