Why Are Millennial Women So Into Horoscopes?

Horoscopes have been labeled “millennial spirituality” and are taking over the internet. What gives?!

Inspired by an article about recent changes to the zodiac, Cristen and Molly examine the use of horoscopes in modern society. Tune in to learn more about horoscopes -- and how they can affect an individual's perception of happiness.

The Only Horoscope You'll Ever Need to Read

A few weeks ago, my world was shaken to its very core when I found out via Gawker that I was no longer a Sagittarius. It had taken me years to accept my Sagitarrian lots in life -- especially the wincing looks people would give me when I divulged my flighty sign (to which I would wince right back at the fact that they were instantly judging me based on my sun sign.). Then for a few harrowing days while ancient Babylonian charts reigned supreme, I was instead a barely pronounceable Ophiuchus.