FUDs in the Field

Our listeners are no strangers to peeing while standing. A lot of folks have responded to out episode on female urination devices (FUDs), or stand-to-pee (STP) devices, and they’ve had great stories to share about using their pee funnels during

The Grandmother of Ladies’ Pee Funnels

Edyth Lacy was a woman ahead of her time. Or maybe she just a woman of her time fed up with sitting on disgusting, pee-splattered public toilet seats. Whichever the case, Lacy didn't take unclean public restrooms sitting down.

Most women don't regret their abortions. (©Getty Images)
95% of Women Don’t Regret Their Abortions & the Reason Is Simpler Than You’d Think.

A new PLOS One study finds 95 percent of women who have abortions don't regret their reproductive decisions. The reason why is simpler than you'd think.

2015 SMNTY Summertime (or Anytime) Reading List

Swapping summer reading suggestions is one of our favorite Stuff Mom Never Told You traditions.  Here are 50 titles culled from Stuff Mom Never Told You episodes, fans’ bookshelves and Cristen’s and Caroline’s nightstands. 1. Hammer Head: The Making of

Judy Blume Doesn’t Get Why Feminism Is a Bad Word

Judy Blume is a feminist. Of course. And she thinks young women should be, too.

Edward Gooch/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
STEM Women Hall of Fame: Sci Fi Creatoress

In 1666, Lady Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, penned one of this universe’s earliest examples — if not the first — of science fiction.

Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images
31 Badass Women Born in July

Movers, shakers and women's history-makers born in July.
Girls on Wheels: Skater Ladies of the ’60s and ’70s

Skateboarding got its start in the 1950s and 60s thanks to surfers who were looking for ways to shred on days when the waves weren't cooperating. Once popular culture latched onto the new hobby, even stars like Farrah Fawcett were
Vesta Tilley, Queen of Male Impersonators

Dressed to the nines in gentlemen's clothing, Vesta Tilley (nee Matilda Alice Victoria Powers) became the queen of British music halls.

Pain Relief, Period Survival and Pregnancy: How #BirthControlHelpedMe

How #BirthControlHelpMe is helping people understand how contraception is about more than sex and no babies.

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