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Sexism in VFX: Q+A with Kylee Wall Pena

I recently chatted with the amazing editor Kylee Wall Pena for our episode on women in the visual effects (VFX) and post-production industries. Kylee’s an outspoken advocate for women and diversity in the film industry, and she lent us some

Chef Whisking Eggs. (Photo by Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)
Even More Cooking Shows

Our listeners always come through with recommendations for further reading -- and in this case, further watching. After our episodes on The Gendered Chef and Cooking Shows, you guys wrote in about the shows and chefs you never miss.

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Mrs. Goodfellow’s Famous Cooking School

Meet a woman who’s responsible for not only passing along a love of cooking and baking to her students, but also launching the country’s first enduring cooking school: Elizabeth Baker Goodfellow.

30 Badass Women Born in November

Movers, shakers and women's history makers born in November.

We Would Totally Date History’s First “Girlfriend”

Meet Teena Rochfort Smith, history's first "girlfriend" and Victorian genius we would totally date.

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8 Bizarre and Amazing Vintage Halloween Costumes

My two favorite things aside from sandwiches? Weird vintage photos and Halloween. If you're feeling low on the costume inspo front -- or just want to marvel at some masks and some adult women in baby carriages -- look no

31 Badass Women Born in October

Movers, shakers, and women's history-makers born in October.

America’s Maternity Leave Drought

What it's really like trying to have a baby and keep your job in the United States.

2015 Stuff Mom Never Told You Fan Survey Results

Stuff Mom Never Told You fans! Here's what you had to say the 2015 SMNTY Fan Experience Survey. Endless air kisses to everyone who took the time to respond.

Stuff Mom Never Told You Does Speaking Engagements

Here's how to have Cristen and Caroline of Stuff Mom Never Told You want to speak, educate, inspire and entertain at your event.

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