15 Things Women Shouldn’t Do On Their Periods, According to Ancient Science

Considering how many chores women of yore were supposed to ditch during that time of the month, they could've really played up menstrual taboos to their benefit, making menstruation into a welcome monthly vacation when ladies could retreat to their

Natural Black Hair in “Americanah”

This passage in Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche‘s fantastic Americanah jumped out to me as a must-share addendum to our “Curly Hair Conundrums” podcast in which Caroline and I briefly discuss the historical and persistent racial discrimination directed toward black women’s natural

Strange But True: Uncombable Hair Syndrome

That fella’s fluffy hair isn’t standing on end due to static electricity, rather he has what’s called “spun glass hair.” A nickname for Uncombable Hair Syndrome, spun glass hair is an exceedingly rare genetic condition with fewer than 100 documented

Do we expect too much from marriage?

Respected relationship psychologist and scholar Eli J. Finkel found that, on average, marriage satisfaction has declined over time while the happiest ones have gotten even happier. Finkel attributes this peculiar gap to the post-1965 era of the "self-expressive marriage," or

The Most Beautiful Suicide

Trigger warning: discussion of suicidality and graphic imagery.

11 Women Defying Gravity

"Those who don't jump will never fly." - Leena Ahmad Almashat

The Real “Badass” Ladies of 1928

Who were the real "badass" ladies of 1928 whose Photoshopped image is now Internet famous?

From Baartman to Bootylicious: A Cultural History of Big Butts

Fitness model Jen Selter’s Instagram-fueled rise to Internet fame in early 2014 made the rare leap to traditional mainstream media with a photo spread in Vanity Fair, cheekily titled “Rear Admiral.” The focus of the Vanity Fair writeup was how

When Exercise and “Physical Culture” Became Good for Women, Too

Turn-of-the-century publishing magnate, Bernarr Macfadden, who I mentioned in a previous post on thermal dieting, was serious about physical fitness. As in writing an eight-volume encyclopedia on the topic, serious. Among his multiple publishing endeavors that made him a household

15 Old School Back-to-School Supplies

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