Who invented glitter?

“Glitter generally makes people happy just to look at it,” Roger Ertle, vice president of marketing for glitter manufacturer Glitterex, told Etsy. And apparently, it’s been making people happy for much of history. Early humans used shimmery mica flakes to

Singlephobia and the Science of Settling in Relationships

In romantic contexts, “settling” is a negatively loaded term to put it casually. Take it from Lori Gottleib, author of the 2010 Marry Him: Settling For Mr. Good Enough, a book title she told Salon’s Tracy Clark-Flory “is something that

Vegetarian Suffragists

In late 19th-century America and Britain, many suffragists were heavily involved in the temperance movement and antivivisection activism, and vegetarianism was a dietary extension of that.

When Little Boys Wore Dresses

Until the early 1920s, dresses were the standard uniform little boys and girls alike.

Super Mario Meets Menstruation in “Tampon Run”

Not to be hyperbolic, but a couple of high school girls in New York have built the greatest weaponized tampon video game ever...

Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy/Getty Images
What Happens When a Man Gets Catcalled

What happens when a man gets catcalled? He gets angry, disgusted and even hostile toward the catcaller; in other words, he experiences the storm of negative emotions and disturbing sense of vulnerability many women experience every time they step foot

30 Badass Women Born in September

Movers, shakers and women's history-makers born in September.

Single, 30, and Danish? Prepare to Get Peppered.

When it comes to 30th birthday traditions, Denmark takes the cake. Or rather, the pepper. A Danish Stuff Mom Never Told You fan wrote in recently about the country’s curious pebersvend (pepper man) and pebermø (pepper maid) rituals that take

16 Old Ladies Who Make Aging Look Awesome

Who says growing older can't be fit, fun and fabulous?

Vintage Radvertising: Afro Sheen

In the 1970s, Afro Sheen marketed the "poetry" of natural black hair.

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