Nerd Crushing and Gender

  Ever-insightful beauty scholar and past Stuff Mom Never Told You guest Autumn Whitefield-Madrano brought up a great point (per usual) about men, women and nerd crushing over at The Beheld. Watching the Cosmos reboot got her thinking about the

Barbie Was a Sex Toy

…or at least her sassy German predecessor Bild Lilli was. Oh, and about her long-term boyfriend Ken? He was modeled on real-life Barbie’s brother. Talk about some Stuff Mom Never Told You…

This Is What a Year’s Worth of Makeup Looks Like

For a not-so-lovely visual of just how much makeup women cake on their faces ever year, take a gander at "Natural Beauty." Over nine hours, two makeup artists slathered 365 coats of makeup on the model.

Dating Science: Bikini Season Makes Men Body-Snobby

Guess what time of year men rate women’s bodies most attractive? Not summertime when ladies are a-prancin’ around in collarbone-bearing sundresses, thigh-flaunting short-shorts and breast-bearing bikinis. No, no, that’s actually the time of year men appear to get a little

Vintage Badvertising: Male Chauvinist Shoes

Maybe Hush Puppies shoe company was trying to toughen up its Basset Hound image with this 1971 ad targeting a very specific demographic: male chauvinist pigs. See, Hush Puppies didn’t think being called a chauvinist was an insult at all.

The First (Pink) Car Designed For Women

While studying up for our Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast on gender and cars, I discovered the Dodge La Femme, a classic car so over-the-top feminine it even came with complimentary lipstick (no joke). In 1954, Chrysler unveiled a

30 Hilariously “His” & “Hers” Products

Want to sell yogurt to men? Call it “brogurt.” Want to sell, well, practically anything to women? Paint it pink. Those are just a couple of the hilarious selling tactics companies have used to hawk more goods by marketing them to

Dating Science: The Seasonality of Sexy Internet Searches

Spring has a reputation for making people frisky, but research suggests that it isn’t as saucy a season as spring fever stereotypes might lead us to believe. Rather, examination of birth records, sexually transmitted infection rates, condom sales and other

STEM Women Hall of Fame: The First Female Rocket Scientist

 STEM Women Hall of Fame Facts: Mary Sherman Morgan Born: November 04, 1921 in North Dakota STEM Legacy: America’s first female rocket scientist. Historical context: the Soviet Union’s successful launch of Sputnik I and II in 1957 sent the United

Lady Inventors: The Monopoly (Wo)man

The object of Monopoly is buy up as much real estate as possible, become a super Rich Uncle Pennybags and send the other players on the board — the old school hat, thimble and shoe are my personal faves  —

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