Vintage Badvertising: Space Housewives

Great news, women! When we finally begin colonizing the moon, we won’t have to leave our domestic gender roles back on Earth. No, no, we can simply pack up all that His & Hers baggage and buy it a one-way

Nerd Crushing and Gender

  Ever-insightful beauty scholar and past Stuff Mom Never Told You guest Autumn Whitefield-Madrano brought up a great point (per usual) about men, women and nerd crushing over at The Beheld. Watching the Cosmos reboot got her thinking about the

Barbie Was a Sex Toy

…or at least her sassy German predecessor Bild Lilli was. Oh, and about her long-term boyfriend Ken? He was modeled on real-life Barbie’s brother. Talk about some Stuff Mom Never Told You…

This Is What a Year’s Worth of Makeup Looks Like

For a not-so-lovely visual of just how much makeup women cake on their faces ever year, take a gander at "Natural Beauty." Over nine hours, two makeup artists slathered 365 coats of makeup on the model.

Dating Science: Bikini Season Makes Men Body-Snobby

Guess what time of year men rate women’s bodies most attractive? Not summertime when ladies are a-prancin’ around in collarbone-bearing sundresses, thigh-flaunting short-shorts and breast-bearing bikinis. No, no, that’s actually the time of year men appear to get a little

Vintage Badvertising: Male Chauvinist Shoes

Maybe Hush Puppies shoe company was trying to toughen up its Basset Hound image with this 1971 ad targeting a very specific demographic: male chauvinist pigs. See, Hush Puppies didn’t think being called a chauvinist was an insult at all.

The First (Pink) Car Designed For Women

While studying up for our Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast on gender and cars, I discovered the Dodge La Femme, a classic car so over-the-top feminine it even came with complimentary lipstick (no joke). In 1954, Chrysler unveiled a

30 Hilariously “His” & “Hers” Products

Want to sell yogurt to men? Call it “brogurt.” Want to sell, well, practically anything to women? Paint it pink. Those are just a couple of the hilarious selling tactics companies have used to hawk more goods by marketing them to

Dating Science: The Seasonality of Sexy Internet Searches

Spring has a reputation for making people frisky, but research suggests that it isn’t as saucy a season as spring fever stereotypes might lead us to believe. Rather, examination of birth records, sexually transmitted infection rates, condom sales and other

STEM Women Hall of Fame: The First Female Rocket Scientist

 STEM Women Hall of Fame Facts: Mary Sherman Morgan Born: November 04, 1921 in North Dakota STEM Legacy: America’s first female rocket scientist. Historical context: the Soviet Union’s successful launch of Sputnik I and II in 1957 sent the United

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