Domestic Violence: 7 Important Facts

Many people probably aren't aware that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

11 Stunning Mastectomy Tattoos

Sister Words: ‘Vagina’ and ‘Vanilla’

One morning spent comparing the etymologies of “vulva” and “vagina” (one of the many Stuff Mom Never Told You job perks), I made a side note discovery. The word “vagina” is far more closely related to “vanilla” than “vulva.” In fact,

11 Wonder Woman Halloween Pumpkins

You want a feminist superheroine jack-o'-lantern? Of course you do.

Cosmetic History: 18th-Century Beauty Patches

During weeks when my adult acne acts up, I sometimes wish I could do as the 17th-century ladies did and cover up my pimples with beauty patches.

Better Babies Contests: Eugenics Goes to the Fair

In the 1920s baby parades evolved into Better Babies Contests, marketed as public health initiatives. At these contests, often held in rural fairgrounds, babies would be disrobed, measured, weighed and evaluated for temperament and intelligence. Winning babies might claim titles

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Without Eyebrows, We’re Nobody

Why did humans evolve eyebrows? There are reasons a-plenty. Two of the most commonly cited are for ocular protection and non-verbal communication, as I explain in this handy BrainStuff video: Their contributions to sexual dimorphism (his vs. hers eyebrows) and

15 Rare Photos of Black Rosie the Riveters

During World War II, 600,000 African-American women entered the wartime workforce. Previously, black women's work in the United States was largely limited to domestic service and agricultural work, and wartime industries meant new and better-paying opportunities -- if they made

What’s the sexiest part of the male body?

Judging by the number of studies examining the influence of male height and penis length on attractiveness ratings and sexual success -- for instance, here, here, here and here -- scientists at large clearly have a hunch as to the

31 Badass Women Born in October

Movers, shakers, and women's history-makers born in October.

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