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Beverly “Guitar” Watkins: Over 70 and Still Shredding

Think old ladies can't shred? Blues guitarist and vocalist Beverly "Guitar" Watkins didn't put out her first album until she was 59 years old.

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4 Baby Bump Horror Stories

Like we discussed in our episodes on baby bumps and post-pregnancy weight, new mamas have to endure a whole heck of a lot of body-related comments from friends and family, coworkers and even strangers (especially strangers, in some cases). While

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25 Mothers Around the World

It doesn't matter whether women are called "mother," "mam," "madre," or whatever the appropriate maternal translation might be, these stunning images of motherhood around the world, from Syria to Sweden to Sudan, show how the common bond of mother and

Stuff Mom Never Told You Mother’s Day Short Film Festival 2015

Celebrate Mother's Day with a Stuff Mom Never Told You curated video playlist about the history of Mother's Day and the science and gender of motherhood.

11 Feminist Mother’s Day Gifts

This Mother's Day, show your mom you really appreciate her -- and her feminism.

The Black Marilyn Monroe

Why was Joyce Bryant, once known as "The Black Marilyn Monroe," relegated to pop cultural obscurity?

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Further Reading: Sci-Fi Edition

In our conversation about sci-fi and visionary fiction with Bitch Media’s Sarah Mirk, we established some science-fiction truths. Not only does the genre help us envision alternate possibilities for the universe, but it also leads us to consider alternate realities

5 Podcasts to Raise Sexual Assault Awareness

Since April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we’re highlighting five Stuff Mom Never Told You episodes to help listeners (and whomever they share this with!) understand not only statistics, but also the legal history, cultural complications and gendered nature of

“Quite Messy”: What Living with OCD Is Really Like

The flood of listener responses to our "Obsessed with OCD" podcast confirmed one of the major themes of that episode: obsessive-compulsive disorder is highly common and highly misrepresented in popular culture. Offhand jokes about being "so OCD" about loading the

13 Wondrous Whipstresses

The fascination with dominant women and flagellation is nothing new. In our episodes on BDSM and dominatrices, we mentioned Victorian "fladge porn," but the fascination with women and whipping stretches back way earlier. Take a look at whipstress imagery from

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