Could a lady MacGyver duct tape the way to more female engineers?

Could a female MacGyver show get more girls into engineering? The show's creator thinks so.

Men Were Fashion’s First Models

In an over-the-top New York Times magazine profile, top male model Brad Kroening likens the world of male modeling to the W.N.B.A.: the lower-profile and lesser-paid segment of a similarly gender-segregated elite profession. As Karl Lagerfeld’s most-cherished male coathanger (to

27 Female Directors of Color You Should Watch

Hollywood’s directorial gender gap yields stunning statistics, even among independents. For instance, among Sundance movies made between 2000 and 2012, there were 15.24 male directors to every female director*. More recently, between 2007 and 2013, a whopping 22 female directors**

3 Reasons Not to Take Your Tampons for Granted

Buying and using tampons and sundry menstrual products is such a drag, right? Do you ever have cycles that make you wish that 4chan free bleeding meme wasn’t just a hoax? Ha ha. The unfunny truth is that millions of

Why Slut Is the Dirtiest Four-Letter Word

Throughout it's 500-year etymological evolution from the kitchen to the bedroom, "slut" has been steeped in a filthy combination of classism, racism and sexism. No reclamation needed.

Harvard’s First Computers Were Women

Long before the Mark I arrived on the Ivy League campus, this is what Harvard’s first* computer lab looked like: Calling this group of brilliant, analytical women “computers” is much kinder than their erstwhile nickname, Pickering’s Harem. The tasteless moniker

When Men Stopped Wearing Perfume

In ancient Egypt, wearing perfume wasn’t as simple as sprinting scent on pulse points. Those who could afford it would wear wax cones on their heads packed with aromatic flowers, herbs and spices. As the waxy air fresheners melted throughout

15 Women Astronomers You Should Know

As a follow-up to our "Stargazers" two-parter, here's a closer look at some of the shining stars in the fascinating history of women in astronomy.

Suffering for Victorian Fashion: The Grecian Bend

In the 1860s, American women bent over frontward to remain fashionably relevant.

Dorling Kindersly/Getty Images
A Brief History of Period Panties

This week on the podcast, we covered the fascinating — and mostly crotchless — history of women’s underwear and chatted with Julie Sygiel, founder and CEO of the innovative underwear startup Dear Kate. And as Dear Kate specializes in making

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