Who invented the Christmas card?

Americans bought around 2 billion Christmas cards in 2010, according to the Greeting Card Association. Despite women making 85 percent of greeting card purchases these days, we send and receive Christmas and holiday cards thanks to a British fellow (kind

Did Baby On Board signs wreck parenting?

Ironically, the inventor of the Baby On Board car sign was childless when his multimillion dollar idea came to him. In 1984, Michael Lerner came up with the yellow placards after nervously driving around his 18-month-old nephew. Although the signs

The Brief (and Sexist) History of Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are usually festive and stuffed with chocolate, so what's not to love? For the most part, nothing...

child excited about feminist presents
5 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Feminist

If you’re anything like me, you still haven’t done your Christmas shopping, and you’re getting super anxious about it. Like, nervous-sweat anxious. I mean, what are you supposed to get for all of those amazing people in your life who’ve supported

5 Ada Lovelace Facts You Probably Don’t Know

On December 10, 1815, Ada Lovelace was born in London. Now just shy of her 200th birthday, Lovelace is hailed at history’s first computer programmer and a beloved icon for women in STEM. So how did this Victorian-era genius come

woman and doctor
3 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Doctor Pronto

After I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease last year, it was time to find a specialist who could really help guide me through the condition: What medicine to take, what lifestyle changes to make, and on and on. I really

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Further Reading: 5 Fab Listener Recs

We cover some pretty interesting topics every week on the podcast. But with each episode clocking in at under an hour, we can't always hit every source or detail out there. Thanks to our smart and savvy listeners, however, we

30 Badass Women Born in December

Movers, shakers and women's history-makers born in December.

Stuff Mom Never Told You…the STORE

Ladies and gents, Stuff Mom Never Told You has set up shop!

Why is Thanksgiving on a Thursday?

For the answer to why Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday peek in the kitchen to see who’s likeliest to cook the turkey feast. In 1863 in the midst of the Civil War, President Lincoln issued a proclamation declaring Thanksgiving a

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