STEM Women Hall of Fame: Evolutionary Revolutionary

STEM Women Hall of Fame Facts: Eliza Burt Gamble Born: June 04, 1841 STEM Legacy: Author of the “The Evolution of Women,” an 1894 feminist critique of Charles Darwin’s “The Descent of Man.” Historical context: In the midst of the

How to Travel Like a Victorian Lady

Priceless do's and don't for going abroad from Victorian lady travelers who didn't let their bustles hold them back from seeing the world.

What It’s Like to Be “Exotic”

Earlier this year on the podcast, we discussed the peculiar Hollywood trend of referring to Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong'o as "exotic" and how that relates to broader intersections of race, Western beauty constructs and the multilayered problem of exoticizing

The Nitpicking Origin of Brushing Hair 100 Strokes Per Day

How did Marsha on "The Brady Brunch" maintain such lustrous blonde mane? She brushed her hair 100 strokes every evening before bed, of course...

Courtesy: Brainpickings
19 Attractions on the Map of a Woman’s Heart

What does a woman’s heart look like? No, not this: Over at Brainpickings, curator Maria Popova showcases the 19th-century Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart, which is largely divided into the five major regions: Land of Love

An Illustrated History of Tennis Fashion

In response to our recent podcast “Women’s Tennis: From Pat Ball to Grand Slams,” super-talented illustrator and Stuff Mom Never Told You fan Erin Dreis sent us a nifty illustrated history of women’s tennis fashion she created for a local

Meet the World’s Oldest (and Raddest) Yoga Teacher

In 2013, Guinness World Records named then-93-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch the world's oldest yoga instructor. Even though Porchon-Lynch has had a hip replacement, it hasn't slowed her practice, which she told the BBC she plans to keep up "until I can't

Are lady mags afraid of powerful women?

In many ways, one could easily argue, mainstream women's magazines are like the mini-Bud Lite Limaritas of the publishing world: fetchingly packaged, surprisingly satisfying and packed with stuff that's not-so-great for me. Yet I love them both.

Swimsuit Season Lies No. 5: Bikinis Are Bad for Women

The bikini itself wasn't invented as some sort of sartorial tool of female repression to feed the male gaze (yes ma'am, I just said that). In fact, the shrinking of women's bathing attire was heralded as a form of emancipation.

© Getty Images/Hulton Archive
The Most Photographed Woman of the Edwardian Era

When Lily Elsie took the stage in 1907 in the leading role of "The Merry Widow," London audiences and theater critics swooned. The operetta was such a hit it ran for 778 performances, making the lovely Elsie a bona fide

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