13 Wondrous Whipstresses

The fascination with dominant women and flagellation is nothing new. In our episodes on BDSM and dominatrices, we mentioned Victorian "fladge porn," but the fascination with women and whipping stretches back way earlier. Take a look at whipstress imagery from

Were nipple rings really a Victorian fashion fad?

Underneath their corsets and waistcoats, Victorians harbored a simmering — if repressed — horniness. There, I said it: Victorians were horny. How else do you think Queen Victoria and Prince Albert produced nine children? Pornographic evidence of Victorian-era prurience abounds.

Listener Story: Another Forgotten Woman Architect

In our Women in Architecture episode, we highlighted a few trailblazers who were making their way in the industry during an era when women were still by and large expected to be at home — not out designing important structures

Feline Fans of Stuff Mom Never Told You

Meet the Ducky, Butter, Taquito and the other adorable cats who listen to Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast.

7 Queens Who Fought to Rule

From Boudica to Lili'oukalani, these queens were royal female forces to be reckoned with.

Drink a Hanky-Panky to Honor Bartending History’s Most Famous Female Mixologist

In 1899, women bartenders were rarer than decent beers at a frat party. In the United States at the time, cocktail historian Eric Felton noted, census data identified fewer than 150 lady bartenders, compared to 55,000 men making a living

Women’s Work: Construction

Despite the stereotype of construction being men's-only work, women are just as capable of working on building sites as men. But when it comes to women entering the workforce, the construction industry is an outlier: While other male-dominated industries have

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Aviatrix You Should Know: China’s Amelia Earhart

Meet Katherine Sui Fun Cheung, the first Asian American female pilot who was friends with Amelia Earhart.

31 Badass Women Born in March

Movers, shakers and women's history makers with March birthdays.

Could a lady MacGyver duct tape the way to more female engineers?

Could a female MacGyver show get more girls into engineering? The show's creator thinks so.

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