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The Resistance Will Be Marketed

From pussy hats to "nevertheless, she persisted" swag, who profits off of the movement? See more »

How Teen Vogue Got Woke

Teen Vogue has gone in a distinctly "woke" editorial direction this past year. Emilie and Bridget unpack how this rad change in tone came to be - and how it’s been received. See more »

Gals in the Gig Economy

The majority of workers in the “gig economy” will soon be female. Does this leave us empowered - or exploited? See more »

US Women's National Hockey Team and Equal Pay

E&B give an inside look at the National Women's Hockey League's fight for equal pay. See more »

What Is Benevolent Sexism?

How do you deal with the kind of sexism that’s veiled in politeness? See more »

Policing Women's Speech

People love giving women advice on how to speak at work. But is this advice always grounded in fact? E&B break it down. See more »

'Auntie Maxine' Waters

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters is having a millennial moment. How and why did she become a viral meme in the age of Trump? Bridget and Emilie break it down. See more »

Women and Pyramid Schemes

Multi Level Marketing business ventures like LuLaRoe and ItWorks are getting more popular, especially with women. Can selling leggings on Facebook really be a good way to make money or is it all a scam? See more »

The New War on Women's Health

The new administration has ushered in a whole new slew of attacks on women’s health - both at home and abroad. Here’s what you need to know. See more »

Is My Hair a Feminist Statement?

Short or long? Natural or relaxed? To dye or not to dye? In this episode, Emilie and Bridget ask: is my hairstyle a reflection of my feminism? See more »