exitonly-600 Anal Sex For All?

According to the sexual health statistics, anal sex is more popular -- and pop culturally relevant -- among women than ever before. Cristen and Caroline discuss how consent, safety and pleasure factor into this formerly taboo intimate territory.

gilmoregirls-600 Gilmore Girls and Guys

With help from Gilmore Guys podcast hosts Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe, Cristen and Caroline take a stroll through Stars Hollow, discussing the highs and lows -- and feminist leanings -- that continue to make 'Gilmore Girls' a cultural touchstone.

Cultura RM Exclusive/Christin Rose/Cultura Exclusive/Getty Images #blessed

Are #blessed and #lucky just another way for women to downplay success -- or to humblebrag? Cristen and Caroline dive into why so many ladies on social media seem to feel the need to portray themselves as effortlessly perfect.

jurassic-600 Hollywood’s STEAM Women

Visual effects artists combine art, math and tech to create the stunning imagery you see onscreen – but they’re not immune from the gender gap that plagues other STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) jobs. Cristen and Caroline discuss why an absence of women in special effects is just one difficulty for Hollywood's ailing VFX industry.

General Photographic Agency/Getty Images Max Factor and Hollywood’s Makeover Men

Hollywood's first makeup artists were exclusively men. Cristen and Caroline highlight how Max Factor and the Westmore boys revolutionized movie makeup artistry and why the industry could use a facelift today.

Stephen Swintek/Stone/Getty Images Little Miss Perfect

Perfectionism is assumed to be a female trait, but what does that mean, exactly? Cristen and Caroline explore how perfectionism isn't what you think it is and whether women actually are perfectionists in their appearance, career and relationships.

angst-600 Anxious Women

Why are women twice as likely to experience chronic anxiety? Cristen and Caroline share their own experiences with long-term anxiety, whether female anxiety is more nature or nurture and how to manage its persistent symptoms.

juliachild-600 Cooking Shows

In 1963, Julia Child made an omelet on Boston public television and changed culinary history forever. Cristen and Caroline cook up how television cooking gave rise to celebrity chefs who brought a new generation of cooking women into our homes for better -- or burnt.

Caiaimage/Trevor Adeline/Caiaimage/Getty Images The Gendered Chef

Women leading professional kitchens is a relatively new dish. Cristen and Caroline cook up the history of how chef became a man's job and how women today are taking the culinary industry by storm.

thecraft-600 Hollywood Witches

From Bewitched to American Horror Story: Coven, Hollywood has loved casting women as witches. In this Halloween episode, Cristen and Caroline discuss why witches are arguably the best female archetype on screen and their ideal witch squad members.

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