chickswhoscript-600x350 Podcasting Women: Chicks Who Script

Chicks Who Script is a hilarious and insightful podcast focusing on women and the film industry. Screenwriters Lauren Schacher, Maggie F. Levin and Emily Blake talk with Cristen and Caroline about sexism, staying motivated and their own writer role models.

throwingshade-600x350 Podcasting Women (and Bryan Safi): Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade is podcasting's funniest weekly commentary on feminist and LGBT issues. Cristen and Caroline talk to comedians and hosts Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi about how they met at Current TV, how comedy intersects with their activism and the importance of listening to your inner witch.

waist-training-600x350 Waist Training

Women across Instagram are wearing corsets while they work out. No really. Cristen and Caroline take on the waist training exercise fad by consulting corset history, waist training-wary doctors and studies suggesting shapewear should be worn with caution.

blackgirlstalking-600 Podcasting Women: Black Girls Talking

Black Girls Talking is a must-hear podcast on pop culture, representation, and feminism hosted by Alesia, Fatima, Ramou and Aurelia. Cristen and Caroline chat with hosts Alesia and Aurelia about the podcast's origin story, exceptionalism and white privilege, and why feminism is a verb.

woman and porta potty How to Pee Standing Up

When it comes to bathroom hygiene, access and safety, peeing standing up is a legitimate concern for many women and trans men. Cristen and Caroline talk female urinary devices (FUDs), from the first lady to patent one in 1918 to why the U.S. government has spent money analyzing FUDs on the market.

marthabill-600x350 The $10 Woman

The U.S. Treasury announced a woman will be featured on a new $10 bill, which got Cristen and Caroline wondering about women on currency around the world. And more importantly, does a woman's face on money really uplift gender equality?

Courtesy: Richard Frank Podcasting Women: The Longest Shortest Time

Bedridden following a difficult childbirth, radio producer and author Hillary Frank started a podcast as a "3 a.m. bedside companion" for parents like her who might feel alone in navigating new motherhood and fatherhood. Cristen talks with Hillary about the evolution of The Longest Shortest Time, childbirth taboos and tips for bridging the parent vs. non-parent divide.

judyblume-600x350 Judy Blume Forever

One of the most beloved and banned authors, Judy Blume wrote adolescence like no other. Cristen and Caroline investigate how Judy Blume's real life intersected with her fictional books, censorship activism and feminism.

CSA Images/Mod Art Collection/Getty Images Empresses of Science Fiction

Did you know a woman wrote what many consider the first science-fiction novel? Cristen and Caroline explore women who've shaped science fiction's past and present and how the genre plays with gender.

skateboarding-600x350 How to Skate Like a Girl, Part 2

Since skateboarding arrived in the 1950s, women like Patti McGee, Peggy Oki and Elissa Steamer have proven that skating like a girl isn't second-rate. Cristen and Caroline shred the history of women in skateboarding and how it evolved from a gender-neutral California pastime into a nearly boy-exclusive subculture.

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