farming-600x350 Farmer Janes

Being a farmer's wife used to be the pinnacle role for women in agriculture, but that's changing fast. As more women reclaim land and run farms, Cristen and Caroline highlight how they're becoming seen as the rising gatekeepers of sustainable food production.

ivana trump Divorced Women

Society has always been a little suspicious of the divorced woman: Is she a gold-digging threat or a pitiful, jilted wife? Most likely, she's neither. Cristen and Caroline wade through the stereotypes to uncover the reality of life as a divorcee.

trophy-600x350 Trophy Wives

Do beautiful women marry for money? Cristen and Caroline unpack the gender- and race-loaded stereotype of the Trophy Wife and investigate whether she really exists.

sjw-600x350 Social Justice Warriors

Can social media change the world? So-called social justice warriors, slactivists and hashtag activists think so. In this episode, Cristen and Caroline dissect social media activism and its backlash and ponder the perils of political correctness.

lady astronaut Can science fiction save the world?

Science fiction writers like Octavia Butler and Ursula K. Le Guin have long used this otherworldy genre to confront discrimination and inequality. Cristen and Caroline chat with Bitch Media's Sarah Mirk about the power of science fiction to create the equitable future we'd like to see in the real world.

Otmar Winterleitner/iStock/Thinkstock Are women more passive-aggressive?

Sure, fine, whatever. What is passive aggression, and why is it associated stereotypically with women? Cristen and Caroline break down what passive aggression is, where it comes from and how it plays out among genders.

ocd-600x350 Obsessed with OCD

What is obsessive-compulsive disorder and why does it happen? Cristen and Caroline separate mental health facts from pop cultural fiction about this commonly misunderstood disorder that affects millions of men and women.

harriet hosmer A White, Marmorean Flock

Why did an exceptional group of ex-patriot, 19th-century female sculptors become known as a "white, marmorean flock"? Cristen and Caroline discuss their artistic sojourns to Italy and what it meant to be a female sculptor at that time.

Aphrodite The Female Nude

The female nude is a cornerstone of Western art, so how should we interpret her importance? Cristen and Caroline investigate the art history and societal significance of these mysterious unclothed muses.

Iconogenic/Vetta/Getty Images The Professional Dominatrix

The dominatrix has become a common pop cultural trope and fashion theme, but mainstream depictions are often misleading. Cristen and Caroline discuss the cultural history of the dominatrix and what a professional dominatrix's job description entails.

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