Peter /Photographer's Choice/Getty Images Infertility’s Global Stigma

Infertility affects million of women and men around the world, but cultural stigma has kept it in the shadows. Cristen and Caroline talk about the causes of male and female infertility, its psychological impact and why it's often a biological battle waged in silence.

miscarriage-600 I Had a Miscarriage

After experiencing a miscarriage at 16 weeks, clinical psychologist Jessica Zucker started the hashtag #IHadaMiscarriage, which went viral. Cristen and Caroline talk to Dr. Zucker about why miscarriage remains a taboo issue, how to comfort those grieving a loss and the cards she created to help us start these much-needed conversations.

pantyhose-600 Very Close Veins

Why do more than half of all lady legs develop varicose and spider veins? Cristen and Caroline provide a rarely offered anatomy lesson on why they happen, how to treat them and what they have to do with menstrual belt.

anniepaddington/RooM/Getty Images Wrinkles in Time

From bathing in donkey's milk to injecting our faces with fat and neurotoxins, our wrinkle-fighting regimens have been evolving for millennia. But are those lines really worth the battle? Cristen and Caroline iron out the history of our anti-wrinkle efforts, what bad habits accelerate aging and how wrinkles affect our self-perception.

Larry Washburn/Getty Images Knitting

Knitting was originally a job for the menfolk. Cristen and Caroline stitch together the mysterious history of the craft, how it transitioned to women's domestic work and how third-wave feminists reclaimed it.

Street artist Kashink. (Getty Images) Street Art Sisterhood

The history of graffitti and street art have been tagged with men's names, but not anymore. Women around the world are turning public spaces into their canvases, challenging gender norms and the art world at large. Just don't call them "female Banksys."

feministmarriage-600 A Feminist Marriage

Feminist marriages can take as much planning as feminist weddings. Meg Keene, A Practical Wedding founder and author of the new "A Practical Wedding Planner" offers indispensable advice for newlywed transitions, egalitarian relationships and redefining what it means to be a wife.

Courtesy: A Practical Wedding A Practical Wedding

When did weddings become so impractical, costing more than $26,000 on average? Meg Keene, A Practical Wedding Founder and author of the new "A Practical Wedding Planner" shares her insights and advice what an affordable, feminist wedding looks like and how to pull it off gracefully.

Underwood Archives/Getty Images The Art of Tarot

The history of tarot cards is as tantalizing as the mystical insights they promise to reveal. Cristen and Caroline deal out how tarot evolved from a game into a divination tool and why two women living worlds apart are to thank for tarot's popularity today.

Clarence Williams/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images Psychic Women

Why are most psychic readers women? Cristen and Caroline examine how crystal balls, fortunetelling, palm reading and other mystical pastimes became women's work and whether females are the psychic sex.

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