frances densmore Feminist Anthropology

Anthropology, or the study of past and present humans, was a discipline largely developed by and focused on men. Cristen and Caroline examine how pioneering women anthropologists and the rise of feminist anthropology changed mainstream ideas about gender, sex and women's roles.

tomoe gozen Samurai Women

Did women samurai exist in ancient Japan? Cristen and Caroline uncover the truth about Japanese women warriors and how their uncommon backstories became the stuff of legend.

geisha-600x350 The Asian Fetish

The fetishization of East Asian women, derisively referred to as "yellow fever," is as old as the Silk Road. Cristen and Caroline unpack the history and Hollywood perpetuation of stereotyping Asian women as either submissive lotus flowers or cunning dragon ladies, defined only by their exoticism and sexuality.

free the nipple Free the Nipple

Why are women on social media intentionally letting their nips slip? Cristen and Caroline discuss the history and celebrity-fueled rise of the Free the Nipple movement and what bare nipples have to do with gender equality.

toplessness-600x350 Why can’t women go topless?

Did you know it's legal in most states for women to go topless? Cristen and Caroline explore the history of men and women taking off their shirts in public and why toplessness is a feminist issue.

ninasimone-600x350 The High Priestess of Soul

Nina Simone was a musical prodigy and civil rights activist whose iconic voice and style shaped the sound of modern jazz and soul. Cristen and Caroline explore the tempestuous woman behind the artistic legend and how racism compelled and complicated her career.

Mads Perch/Stone/Getty Images Borderline Personality Disorder

What is borderline personality disorder, and why did doctors think it disproportionately affected women? Cristen and Caroline examine the history and emerging treatments of this mental health condition that continues to puzzle practitioners.

tampon heart Period Pride

In the 1970s, Germaine Greer encouraged women to taste their own menstrual blood. These days, artists are creating work about periods to help erase the menstruation stigma. Cristen and Caroline look at the evolution of period pride and discuss whether the in-your-face attitude is actually helping.

chickswhoscript-600x350 Podcasting Women: Chicks Who Script

Chicks Who Script is a hilarious and insightful podcast focusing on women and the film industry. Screenwriters Lauren Schacher, Maggie F. Levin and Emily Blake talk with Cristen and Caroline about sexism, staying motivated and their own writer role models.

throwingshade-600x350 Podcasting Women (and Bryan Safi): Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade is podcasting's funniest weekly commentary on feminist and LGBT issues. Cristen and Caroline talk to comedians and hosts Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi about how they met at Current TV, how comedy intersects with their activism and the importance of listening to your inner witch.

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