Michael Desmond/ABC via Getty Images The Work Wife

Over our working lives, we encounter plenty of pals, acqaintances and even enemies, but the beloved work spouse is rarer -- and, it turns out, more productivity-enhancing. Cristen and Caroline look at what makes our work wives and husbands so special, how gender influences our relationships and how to prevent your IRL spouse from getting jealous.

tattoo2_600 Tattoo Artist Women

Women tattoo artists were a rare sight until recently. Cristen and Caroline uncover the history of these ink lovers, stylistic gender stereotyping and female tattoo industry trailblazers.

tattoo1_600 Tattooed Women

More American women have tattoos than men as of 2012. Cristen and Caroline retrace the body art history from spiritual Native American women to sideshow attractions to modern feminists.

sheets-600 Lesbian Bed Death

The term "lesbian bed death" has become a persistent negative stereotype about the allegedly passionless sex lives of women in relationships with women. Cristen and Caroline revisit the phrase's origin, do some sexytimes mythbusting and call for a broader definition of sex.

Yuchiro Chino/Moment/Getty Images Libido Liberation

Women's sex drives and expression shift in response to a wide range of factors. So when libido dips, why are we so quick to pathologize it? Cristen and Caroline talk with filmmaker Maria Finitzo about her latest project, a look into female desire and women having agency over their own bodies.

librarians2-600 Librarians, Part 2

Almost as soon as public libraries began flourishing, librarian quickly became one of the most female-dominated jobs in the country. Cristen and Caroline break down was being a librarian was really like back in the day and the badass women who've shaped these community centers of learning and culture.

library-600 Librarians, Part 1

Being a librarian was originally a man's job. Then Melvil Dewey and his book-loving bros came along and changed all that. But while the feminization of librarianship offered new a new occupation for women, it was built on old ideas about female nature and its proper place.

Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Fortune/Time Inc The Unfinished Business of Working-class Equality

When Anne-Marie Slaughter left the U.S. State Department to spend more time with her family and declared, "Women can't have it all," she faced both resentment and gratitude. In a conversation with the foreign-policy analyst, Cristen and Caroline explore the important role of supporting paid and unpaid caregivers as part of the work toward equality.

romcoms LGBT - 600 Queering Romantic Comedies

According to the romantic comedy canon, only straight people fall in love. In the final installment of their rom com podcast series, Cristen and Caroline examine how mainstream titles treat LGBTQ characters and how queer rom coms subvert expected tropes.

unitedstatewomen-600 The United State of Women

In June 2016, the White House Council on Women & Girls brought together 5,000 changemakers from all over the country for the first-ever United State of Women summit. But it wasn't the first gathering of its kind. Cristen and Caroline discuss the inspirational highlights of the summit and trace its origins to the 1977 National Women's Conference that put long overdue human rights front and center.

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