daddydaughter-600x350 Daddy’s Girls

How do girls' relationships with their fathers influence who they grow up to become? Cristen and Caroline unpack the psychology of "daddy issues" and the unique dynamics of father-daughter bonding.

mamasboy-600x350 Mama’s Boys

How do boys' relationships with their mothers influence who they grow up to become? Cristen and Caroline unpack the psychology of "mama's boys" and the unique dynamics of mother-son bonding.

braces-600x350 “Perfect” Teeth

What "perfect" teeth look like depends on where in the world you are. In this episode, Cristen and Caroline shed light on the intersections between beauty, social status and teeth.

grandmothers-600x350 The Grandmother Hypothesis

According to the "grandmother hypothesis," humans have grandmas, nanas and bubbies to thank for their longer lifespans. In this episode, Cristen and Caroline reveal the compelling science and evolution behind these important maternal figures.

latenight-600x350 Late Night TV: No Girls Allowed?

Is late night television resistant to women hosts and writers? Cristen and Caroline explore the past and present of late night TV to answer a question critics and viewers alike have been asking increasingly in recent years: where are the women?

rbg-600x350 The Notorious RBG

Supreme Court Justic Ruth Bader Ginsburg, aka The Notorious RBG, has become a pop cultural rock start for her judicial outspokeness on equality and reproductive rights. Cristen and Caroline delve into her incredible biography and what has propelled her recent popularity among young women.

modesty-600x350 Is modest hottest?

Since ancient times, women have been advised to cover up in order to protect their dignity. More recently, a so-called "modesty movement" has gotten underway, and Cristen and Caroline undress how the "modest is hottest" message ultimately strips agency from women and men alike.

cosplay-600x350 Cosplaying With Gender

As cosplay has become more popular outside of Japan in recent years, it has raised fascinating questions about gender, sexuality and authenticity in fandom and the fictional realms cosplay strives to mirror. Just in time for con season, Cristen and Caroline share how there's far more to cosplay than dressing up.

curlyhair-600x350 Curly Hair Conundrums

Curly-haired women often feel like they're living in a flat-ironed, staight-haired world. Cristen and Caroline untangle the science of curly hair and get to the root of the cultural stereotypes regarding ringlets.

insomnia-600x350 The Female Insomiac

Women are far likelier to suffer from insomnia than men, but why? Cristen and Caroline put the science to rest on the biological and psychological female factors that lead to sleepless nights.

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