best of 2014 men

Best of 2014: Men Edition

Mama's Boys

How do boys' relationships with their mothers influence who they grow up to become? Cristen and Caroline unpack the psychology of "mama's boys" and the unique dynamics of mother-son bonding.

Greek Brotherhood

How did Greek fraternities become a part of college life? Cristen and Caroline investigate the history of fraternities and how problems hazing, drinking and sexual assault threaten their future existence.

Single Dads

More men than ever before are raising kids as single dads. To celebrate Father's Day, Cristen and Caroline trace how single fatherhood has become the new normal and spotlight how and why society treats single dads differently from single moms.

The New Male Grooming

Beard popularity has led some razor companies to promote more "manscaping" below the neck. Caroline and Cristen explore how men are becoming more invested in hair removal and grooming than ever before.

Men and Cars

What's the sociocultural deal with men and cars? Cristen and Caroline take a drive through the gendered history of car advertising, early electric cars for women and why guys are still behind the wheel more often.

Bro-rista Coffee Culture

Since it first began its westward expansion in the 16th century, coffee has been a distinctively male drink. Even today, while plenty of women work behind the coffee counter, many wonder whether a bro-rista culture continues to dominate the rapidly expanding specialty coffee industry.