Right Now in Stuff Mom Never Told You

As we approach the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Ridley Scott film Alien, Anney finally achieves her dream of dissecting the feminism, criticism, art and horror of one of her favorites. Samantha patiently supports her.

Two Podcasters Walk into a Bar

Anney and Samantha host a cocktail hour with some of Atlanta's brightest mixologists, sipping on drinks while learning what it takes to be in the biz.

In this classic episode, Anney and Samantha spotlight the new podcast She Makes Money Moves. Salary talk with coworkers is becoming the new "do" in digital workplaces. recruitHER founders Gina Helfrich and Ashley Doyal share their insights on savvy negotiation, the power of salary transparency and how women and tech companies can jointly hack the wage gap.

Women in the Alcohol Industry

Two women whipping up creative cocktails in Atlanta's bar scene stop by to share their experiences, and their advice.

SMNTY Roundup: Kavanaugh, #MeToo, Games and More

In this grabbag of an episode, Anney and Samantha do an update on some recent stories including new allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, #MeToo, trauma, board games, green army women, D&D and the mysterious more.

Female Firsts: Norma Merrick Sklarek

Friend of the show Yves is back for another episode of Female Firsts, this time on Norma Merrick Sklarek, one of the first black female architects. 

Mentors and MomStuff

Mentors and role models can be hugely empowering for women. Anney gushes about her mom, and we discuss the value of having strong women in our lives.

SMNTY Classics: Where Are the Women in Political Campaigns?

Women are a rare sight in the upper echelons of political campaign management and strategy. In this classic episode, we look at why that is.

The first two episodes of Modern Ruhles are now available. Listen here.

Anney and Samantha sit down with two hospital clowns to discuss what it takes to be a woman in clowning, with all of its up and downs. Join us as we talk empathy, the power of human connection, and tooters.

The Opioid Crisis

What is the opioid crisis and how does it impact women specifically? Anney and Samantha discuss how we got here, and what we can do about it.

SMNTY Classics: The Female Insomniac

As a followup to our recent episode on sleep (and not getting it), here's a classic episode on the question of why women are far likelier to suffer from insomnia than men.

A Podcast by Any Other Name

Say our name, say our name. What's with our fascination with names? Why are there so few females Jrs.? Can SMNTY finally make a name for itself by asking what, exactly, is in a name? So many questions, so many answers!

SMNTY Pulls an All-Nighter

Women are getting historically low levels of sleep. Why is that? Anney and Samantha look into why women struggle to catch some zzzs, and share some tips for getting better sleep.

SMNTY Clowns Around

Throughout our history, clowning has been a powerful art form, capable of bringing joy and swaying politicians. Come wire walk with us as we look at famous female clowns, past and present.

SMNTY Sees Red

The color red is associated with a lot of things: passion, lust, danger, anger, love, hate, power. Anney and Samantha talk color theory, the power of red, and just what it means to don a red dress. 

SMNTY Classics: The Science of BFFs

What's the scientific function of best friendship? Cristen and Caroline put besties and bromances under the microscope to discover the pros and cons of how these influential relationships shape our lives.

The Fake Geek Girl Strikes Back

Is the mythical fake geek girl a phantom menace? Anney and Samantha investigate, and wonder if there is a new hope for detoxifying toxic fandoms.

It Ain't Easy Being Green?

A recent study found straight men avoid environmentally-friendly behaviors out of fears that people will perceive them as gay. Anney and Samantha sort through homophobia, sexism, and environmental issues.

After a romance fail, should you stay friends with an ex? Studies show that most people attempt post-romantic friendships -- but how does it work out? Find out in this classic episode.

SMNTY Classics: Shine Theory

According to Shine Theory, powerful women make the best friends. But does success in life and career get in the way of healthy female friendships? Learn more in this classic episode.