Right Now in Stuff Mom Never Told You

A year after Charlottesvile, A & B revisit this episode looking into the women of white supremacy with the help of journalist Laura Smith and entrepreneur/activist Marissa Jenae Johnson.

France Just Made Catcalling Illegal

A&B break down France's new law.

A lot of women are having bad sex

Research shows women are having bad sex. Here's what it means.

SMNTY Classics: Summer of Beyonce

A&B revisit this episode on Beyonce in light of her Vogue cover.

It's okay to travel by yourself

More and more women are traveling solo. Here's why.

Why do women change their names after marriage?

A&B dive into the history (and tension) around changing your surname.

Cosplaying While Female

Anney is gearing up for DragonCon, so we're revisiting our favorite episode on ladies who cosplay.

Were you raised by a narcissist?

Were you raised by a narcissist? Here's how to spot a narcissist, even if it's your own parent.

Female Journalists are Under Attack in India

Female journalists in India are putting up with harassment, slut-shaming and worse.

SMNTY Classics: Miss America is Ditching the Swimsuit Competition

Some big changes are coming to the pageant world. A&B revisit what it means.

Meet the New Zealand Prime Minister Who Gave Birth in Office

She's only the second world leader to give birth in office. Here's what it means.

Terry Crews and the Men of #MeToo

Everyone can be sexually harassed. We need to talk about the experience for men. 

SMNTY Classics: Video Games & Women, Part II

What's it like for women who play video games, having to deal with gamer girl stereotypes, in-game harassment and a shortage of strong female characters to play? In part two of their series on video games, Cristen and Caroline take a look how video games and gaming culture treat women.

SMNTY Classics: An Update on Women's Health

With a new nominee for the US Supreme Court, A & B revisit a classic episode on women's health, and discuss the future of Roe v. Wade. The new administration has ushered in a whole new slew of attacks on women’s health - both at home and abroad. Here’s what you need to know.

Anna Delvey: This Summer's $cam Queen

B can't get enough Anna Delvey. A&B break down our fascination with scammers.

SMNTY Classics: Video Games & Women, Part I

In this update, A&B revisit an episode about the women making video games. What's it like for women in video games who comprise just 12 percent of the industry? Cristen and Caroline kick-off their two-part series on video games by looking at women making their way in the industry and the challenges -- and sometimes death threats -- they face.

Online Gaming and Sexual Harassment

Are video games due for their #metoo moment? What's it like online gaming as a woman? Join A & B as they level up your video game knowledge and discuss how to make the video game community better. 

SMNTY Classics: Will 2018 Be Another Year of the Woman?

A & B look back at this classic episode, and check in to see if 2018 is shaping up to be a year of the woman.

Introducing Committed

A & B introduce you to a new show from HowStuffWorks. Join host Jo Piazza as she delves into the hilarious, heartbreaking and inspiring stories of couples of all kinds who’ve soldiered through unimaginable circumstances, and after the longest of days, still want to wake up next to one another in the morning.

SMNTY Classics: Where the f*** are the pockets on women's clothing?

After a disatrous search for a dress with pockets, Anney wanted to revisit this classic. E&B break down the quest for pocket equality.