Right Now in Stuff Mom Never Told You

When Kennedy announced the lunar missions, several women hoped to make the trip. The women of Mercury 13 excelled at physical testing yet weren't allowed to work at NASA. Why? Find out in this classic episode.

Feminist Movie Friday: A Tale of Two Holiday Superhero Movies

Anney and Samantha dive into the feminism of two holiday classics: Batman Returns and Iron Man 3 (with bonus discussion on Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse).

Indigenous Women You Need to Know

Natalie Evans of the Some Kind of Brown Podcast discusses some of America's most badass indigenous women.

Emotional Labor: Holiday Edition

When it comes to the holidays, women often shoulder a bulk of the responsibility for making them magical, whether it's meal-planning, meal-cooking, gift-buying, gift-wrapping, gift-shipping, decorating, cookie-baking, card-writing, phone-calling, peace-keeping, are you stressed yet??

Imagining Forgiveness

Deeply personal and emotional, forgiveness is also deeply difficult, fraught, and when it comes it to women, sometimes weaponized. Anney and Samantha debunk some forgiveness myths, discuss how-tos, and dig into the potential health benefits of letting go.

Have food morals replaced sexual morals? Do modern humans want pizza and chocolate more than sex? Surveys suggest yes. Listen in to this classic to learn more about how food and sex collide in the brain.

Fangirls Just Wanna Have Fun

As a culture, we are uncomfortably comfortable with mocking fangirls. Why is that? Spoiler alert, it's sexism. Anney and Samantha trace the history of fangirls and our dismissal of them, and discuss why fangirls run the world.

A Not-So-Scandalous Look At Sex, Politics and Women

The recent resignation of Representative Katie Hill raised questions around abuse, revenge porn, and #metoo. Anney and Samantha look at past examples of women involved in political scandals and examine gender differences in the fallout of scandal (and take a quick look at what's going on with the ERA).

SMNTY Classics: Firefighting Women

Although women have served as volunteer firefighters since the 19th century, putting out fires for a living is one of the hardest careers for women to pursue today. Brush up on the history of women firefighters and why gender discrimination still persists in many fire departments in this classic episode.

Getting to the Heart of Heartbreak

From ill-advised haircuts to sobbing over breakup songs, heartbreak is a powerful thing that can make us do all kinds of stuff. Anney and Samantha examine the gender differences in heartbreak, dig into whether it can be deadly, share some personal experiences, and ask the ever-important question: will our heartbreak go on and on?

Introducing: Before Breakfast, A Daily Productivity Podcast

Start your morning with productivity advice that will take your day from great to awesome.

In each bite-sized, daily episode of the Before Breakfast podcast, host Laura Vanderkam share a time management strategy or an answer to a listener’s schedule question. The show helps listeners make the most of their time, both at work and at home. The mission is to give listeners practical tools to feel less busy and get more done.

New episodes are available daily - listen and follow here, or via your favorite podcast app.

Female Firsts: Huda Sha'arawi

Yves stops by for another edition of female firsts, this time to discuss Huda Sha'arawi, the first president of Egyptian Feminist Union and Arab Feminist Union.

Introducing The Women

The Women features personal & candid interviews with changemakers. What was her first stand? How does she navigate successes & failures? What are the costs of fighting for others? Rose Reid's long-form interviews create an intimate setting for today’s most remarkable trailblazers, getting the core of who they are as people & professionals. Every week, hear the story of one person’s journey to do the extraordinary. It's time for the women.

The Women is now available. Listen to the first episode here

SMNTY Classics: Villainesses

From the Wicked Witch to Ursula and Maleficent, portrayals of pop culture villainesses can tell us about views of real-world women. Find out more in this classic episode.

Women in Puppetry: Part II

In our continuing conversation around women in puppetry, we talk to puppeteer and artist Sarah Frechette about what the creation process is like, how the world of puppetry has changed, and what is it like being a woman in the industry.

Black Widow, Baby

Not the avenger. Following up on our episodes around female killers, Anney and Samantha return to the black widow killer, digging into definitions, explanations, and examples. Come get caught in our web.

Did you know an army of Disney "animation girls" helped bring its classic films to life? This classic episode traces the evolution of women working in the early days of Disney and women in animation's continuing quest to shatter the celluloid ceiling.

Unraveling the Mystery of the Winchester House

Stairs that lead to nowhere. Hidden passages. Upside down pillars. Since it's 1923 opening to the public, the Winchester Mystery House has attracted millions of visitors, and even inspired a movie in 2018. But what is the story behind the house's creator, Sarah Winchester? Did she build the house to confuse vengeful ghosts as legend suggests, or was it the product of her whimsical design ideas? Anney and Samantha are on the case!

Women in Puppetry: Part I

With the help of puppeteers Kristin Haverty and Louise Lapointe, Anney and Samantha pull back the curtains on the women behind the puppets.

SMNTY Classics: Farmer Janes

Being a farmer's wife used to be the pinnacle role for women in agriculture, but that's changing fast. In this classic episode, learn how more women are reclaiming land and running farms, becoming seen as the rising gatekeepers of sustainable food production.