Right Now in Stuff Mom Never Told You

Anney and Bridget revisit this classic episode to discuss the heartbreaking story of a 16 year-old victim of sex trafficking.

The Ins and Outs of Prom

It's prom season! Anney and B unpack the history of prom. 

Please Stop Calling the Police On Every Little Thing

911 isn't your personal complaint hotline.

SMNTY Classics: The Magnificent History of Women & Whiskey

Despite its uber-masculine connotation, it's women who are behind the renaissance of this delightful drink, and women who were instrumental to its American origin story. Join Annney and Bridget as they talk about why this episode is one of their faves.

Can't Hardly Wait to Talk About Stalking

Stalking is not romantic.

Things That Made Me Feminist: Bitch Magazine

Anney and B are joined by Bitch Magazine cofounder Andi Zeisler to talk about the story behind the feminist staple.

Disabled Isn't A Dirty Word

How activist and content creator Annie Segarra is trying to destigmatize disability.

Are NFL Cheerleaders Being Exploited?

A topless photoshoot is raising new questions about the treatment of cheerleaders.

The Fem-Pire Strikes Back

For those that find the lack of ladies in the Star Wars universe disturbing, is there a new hope on the horizon? The force is strong with this episode.

Why the Notorious RBG is a BFD

Irin Carmon, coauthor of Notorious RBG, joins Anney and Bridget to talk about how the Supreme Court justice became so notorious .

How Cameron Esposito is Revolutionizing Queer Media

LGBTQ representations on screen can be sooo awful. Cameron Esposito is trying to change that.

Where the F are the Female Action Figures?

There aren't that many female action figures. Anney and B break down why that matters

Unpopular Opinion: 4/20 is Annoying

This 4/20, Anney and B give an overview of the country's changing weed laws and B shares an unpopular opinion on the stoner holiday.

How SESTA is Putting Sex Workers at Risk

...and how to fight back.

How To Be The Final Girl In A Horror Movie

Ever notice a lot of horror movies end with one girl standing? Anney & B explore why that is.

How To Be A Bad Feminist

Anney & B recall their feminist journeys and their embrace of being a "bad feminist."

Get Drinks With Your New SMNTY Team

B grabs drinks with new SMMTY co-host Anney and correspondent Yves.

How to Deal With Grief

Women deal with loss differently. B talks to Molly Rosen Guy about the loss of her father and how she's dealing with grief. 

Gender Disparity from Beyond the Grave

Men get more obituaries than women. The New York Times' Jessica Bennett is trying to fix that. 

How the Jane Collective helped women get abortions

Before Roe v Wade made abortion legal, women still needed them. B is joined by Heather Booth who started an underground network to give women abortion access.