11 Feminist Mother's Day Gifts

Cristen Conger

Courtesy: Etsy/thebeautfulproject

Mother's Day gift giving all about flowers, cards and restaurant brunches. And while a mimosa-soaked brunch is one of life's greatest treasures, moms might enjoy something a trifle more inspired and -- dare we say -- feminist this year. Because nothing says 'thanks for giving birth to me!' like an anti-patriarchy coffee mug.

The Basics:

Feminist Mother's Day cards. Americans purchase 133 million Mother's Day cards every year. Might as well make it an empowering one, right? Etsy seller thebeautfulproject says "Your mom is a strong woman. Let her know that you think the world of her. "

Feminist dishware. Nothing like a little feminism to sweeten mom's morning coffee.

Courtesy: LookHuman

Arts 'n' Crafts:

Feminist art. Class up mom's wall with some lovely feminist art. This gorgeous "Feminism Is Freedom" print from illustrator Phoebe Wahl offers a right-on nod to moms who choose their choice in the domestic sphere. As of this posting, the print is currently sold out in Wahl's Etsy store, but a restock is on the way.

Courtesy: Phoebe Wahl

Feminist crafts. If your mom is sew phenomenal, here's a nifty cross-stitch pattern from WhatSheSaidStiches.

Courtesy: Etsy/WhatSheSaidStiches


Feminist duds. A Human sweatshirt for moms who wear it like they see it.

Courtesy: LookHuman

Feminist bling. Show mama she matters with Etsy's RetroOnTheRocks vintage pin.

Courtesy: Etsy/RetroOnTheRocks

Feminist aprons. Does your mom enjoy cooking and gender equality? It's true -- feminists exist in the kitchen, too.

Courtesy: Zazzle

Feminist onesies. For new feminist mamas and their baby feminists, this BayBee Threadz onesie says it all.


Feminist tote bags. #shamelessselfpromotion.

Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes love their totes.


Feminist tech bling. Mama always said, "ain't nobody got time for the patriarchy." Phone covers also available.

Courtesy: LookHuman

Feminist magazine subscriptions. Support a rad non-profit and give mom some top-notch feminist reading throughout the year. Win-win.

Courtesy: Bitch Media

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