Are female urinals the next big thing in public bathroom design?

Cristen Conger

In breaking bathroom news: Dutch designers have come up with a 4-person female urinal. Molly blogged about porta potty alternatives for women after enduring Great Restroom Challenge that is the Bonaroo music festival. But unlike the PortaJane, "first portable restroom designed specifically 'For Women Only,'" the new Pollee urinal (via Dezeen) seats four gals at a time.

That's right! Communal bladder relief ain't just for the boys anymore. The design agency UiWE describes Pollee as, "an open-air, touch-free urinal for girls. At Pollee, four girls can pee together around a shared core, partly protected by low walls." Talk about a bathroom party!

Joking aside, though, it certainly can be frustrating to find adequate public bathroom accommodations for women. In the space required for a typical single- or double-stall bathroom, the Pollee could keep the bathroom line moving twice as quickly. But the question is, ladies, would we be fine with using urinals?

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