Best of 2014: SMNTY Videos

Cristen Conger

Welcome to Stuff Mom Never Told You...

Since I make four videos every week for Stuff Mom Never Told You, the YOUTUBE EXPERIENCE, there was plenty to choose from for compiling this incredibly biased best of 2014 list (not in the sense that everything was solid gold; just that there was, in general, a LOT to choose from. See also: 17 Ridiculous Things Women Apologize For.)

My rigorous selection process ultimately boiled down to videos that:

And all joking aside, 2014 was an incredibly rewarding year on YouTube. I'm sincerely grateful for the kind, encouraging and inquisitive fans who watch and interact. As the camera keeps rolling into 2015, my goal is challenge myself further and give viewers educational, honest and hopefully insightful videos -- and sometimes the wigs and pratfalls -- they deserve.