How to Get Your Wedding Announcement into The New York Times

Cristen Conger

You know you've landed a real jim-dandy of an engagement if The New York Times includes the announcement in its "Weddings/Celebrations" section. Those brief, blissful profiles are basically gilded badges of accomplishment and elitism hand-delivered by the Gray Lady herself. And though anyone can submit their nuptials for approval, few (like the wonderful Ted and Gracie below) are chosen.

A quick perusal of NYT "Weddings/Celebrations" reveals a certain similar cache among that envied in-crowd. For instance, Katie Baker over at Grantland noticed how boarding school alumni, people with Roman numerals attached to their names and Ralph Lauren employees. To get some empirical data around these anecdotal nuptials announcement trends (because what could be of more importance?), The Atlantic crunched some numbers to find out specifically which criteria can get you ahead of the masses and into that coveted newsprint.

Here are the "Wedding/Celebrations" selection odds The Atlantic calculated:

  • Growing up in Greenwich, Conn. (or a similar moneyed neighborhood) improves your odds by 21.
  • Ivy league educations bump you up by a whopping 100.
  • Congressional staffers have 75 times better odds.
  • Same-sex couples are 74 times more likely (and imagine if they met at Princeton!).
  • Investment banking amps your chances 87 times.
  • Lawyers at snazzy firms have odds -- wait for it --974 times better than the average Joe or Jane.

Turns out, it's pretty simple if you plan ahead -- way ahead. Simply make sure that you grow up Greenwich, Conn.; Palm Beach, Fla.; or Southampton, N.Y.; and attend an Ivy League school where you will pursue law and meet a silver spoon-fed, well-educated investment banker to-be.

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