Life According to Cosmo: How to Wear a Romper

Cristen Conger

The be-rompered author.

On Friday night, I met up with friends to celebrate the beginning of a glorious three-day weekend (which I obviously embraced since I'm writing about Friday...on Tuesday). And naturally, I consulted Cosmo to find out what a young woman should be seen in this summer.

Their top pick of 6 summer trends "He'd Love to See You In"? The romper.

Cosmo's romper model, Blake Lively (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

These adult onesies made their comeback a couple summers ago, and now Cosmo reports that guys have jumped on the bandwagon and are simply dying to see women dressed up in the one-pieces. I'm skeptical of the claim since a) I couldn't find you a majority of women, much less men, who adore rompers, and b) I've never heard a man express interest rompers aside from the perplexing bathroom mechanics involved with wearing one. Not to mention that we don't know who these romper-crazy "guys" are who Cosmo supposedly commissioned to tell women what "fun fearless fashion" to wear this July.

Personally, I'm not anti-romper. In fact, I might sport them more often were it not for my long torso, which makes finding one that fits nigh impossible. Andwhy not? You just throw one on and avoid drinking lots of liquids when restrooms are scarce. No outfit creation necessary.

So on Friday, I borrowed a friend's romper that magically fit, slipped on the requisite Cosmopolitan footwear (aka 4-inch heels) and headed out to a busy bar to see if the outfit would turn me into the man magnet, as the magazine promised. Although the romper was comfy - thank you, pockets! - something was off.

For starters, my shoes kicked me up to over 6 feet 1 inch, which provided a great overhead view of the crowd but I didn't feel particularly approachable. There's also something about wearing an outfit that's "guaranteed" to get men's attention that guarantees you won't. Overly aware of what I had put on and the effect it was supposed to have, I couldn't relax and found myself constantly fidgeting with the romper. Not surprisingly, I went home without giving away a single phone number, e-mail address or perfume-spritzed business card (fact: Cosmo recommends writing your number on a guy's hand with a waterproof eye pencil).

According to the photo beside Cosmo's romper recommendation, I was supposed to look like a carefree Blake Lively on her way to some breezy Hollywood soiree. Instead, I probably looked exactly how I felt - like a woman in a bar on a Friday night, waiting to get hit on while wishing she could just go home and change clothes.

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