Long Before Bragelina, There Was Dickenliz

Cristen Conger

Dickliz: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (William Lovelace/Getty Images)

Celebrity press and the public love mega-star couples. We love them so much that we take great pleasure in smashing their names together into one absurd Couple Nickname that signals the height of fame. Bragelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, in case you've been living under a rock) is today's nickname standard. Then there's ol' TomKat (Tom Cruise + Katie Holmes) and the since-split but nevertheless delightful Gyllenspoon (Jake Gyllenhaal + Reese Witherspoon).

But before there was Bragelina, TomKat and the rest, there was Dickenliz. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were such a captivating celebrity couple that they earned a nickname before all the others. According to E. Taylor's obituary in the New York Times, "the two were at the height of their megastardom, accompanied by a retinue as large as that of the Sultan of Brunei and besieged by fans, who turned every public appearance into a mob scene."

Bragelina can probably relate.

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