Your Favorite Feminist Card Game You Never Knew Existed

Cristen Conger

Great Women vintage card game Gloria Steinem (hopefully) played when she wasn't busy, y'know, changing the world. Courtesy: Amazon

Forget traditional card decks where the queen is the only lady with any skin in the game. When they weren't consciousness raising and ogling-in, all the coolest second-wave feminists played Great Women, a 1979 card game themed around foremothers and famous female writers. Well, it's fun to imagine Gloria Steinem poker-facing behind her signature aviators and Bella Abzug hiding trump cards in her hat brim.

Witch-loving Instagram user moonchurch recently stumbled upon a deck at a Vermont antique store:

Courtesy: Instagram/moonchurch

Though I couldn't find the formal rules online, this eBay listing describes it as a matching game akin to rummy. Each 52-card deck featured 10 women and their biographical highlights. Pairing perfectly Ijeoma Oluo's recent feminist coloring book, Great Women is ripe for a millennial revamp. With more intersectionality and additional categories (no offense, foremothers), it's the new ladies' poker night waiting to happen.

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