ChangeMAKERS: Dignify Your Work

During her talk at the 2016 MAKERS conference, Ai Jen Poo emphasized that the movement for a "more caring America" needs to be part of a more public discussion. Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for AOL

The director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance and one of TIME's Most Influential People, Ai Jen Poo has dedicated her life to advocating tirelessly for the rights, dignity and empowerment of women whose voices are too often silenced. In this first ChangeMAKERS installment, Cristen and Caroline talk with Poo about the role of caregivers in our society and the power women wield when they come together to make change happen.

Stats You Should Care About:

- 95 percent of domestic workers are women. (National Domestic Workers Alliance)

- Every day, 2.5 million women work in other people's homes. (MAKERS)

- Live-in domestic workers' median income is $6.15 per hour, and 65 percent of all domestic workers don't have health insurance. (National Domestic Workers Alliance)

- 91 percent of domestic workers who reported problematic working conditions didn't complain to their employer for fear of losing their jobs. (National Domestic Workers Alliance)

- In the United States alone, family caregivers are an unpaid workforce worth $470 billion per year. (The Washington Post)

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