How to Become a (Woman) Carpenter

Nina McLaughlin's carpentry memoir "Hammer Head" is about so much more than woodworking. Cristen and Caroline chat with the writer and carpenter about the joys of the Japanese saw, the importance of patience and what it's like being one of the 2 percent of women in carpentry.

"One teary morning in early spring, doing my daily click around the Craigslist jobs section, reviewing, once again, the same few posts in the Writing/Editing and Art/Media/Design sections, I clicked on the Etc. category. Amid postings looking for dog walkers, surrogate mothers (up to $40k, tempting), and catheter users ($25 for your opinion; less so), I came across a line of text that registered itself in my chest with a quick extra thump of my heart.

"Carpenter's Assistant: Women strongly encouraged to apply."

- Nina MacLaughlin, Hammer Head: The Making of a Carpenter

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