Madam Presidents

Madam Presidents podcast from Stuff Mom Never Told You. bgwalker/Getty Images

What happens after America elects its first female President? With history as their guide, Cristen and Caroline forecast to what extent a gender revolution in the Oval Office will affect long-term equality at large.

Episode Sources:

"Ladylike: Julia Gillard's misogyny speech"

"All these countries have had a female head of state (before the U.S.)"

"All the countries that had a woman leader before the U.S."

"Clinton is set to make history, but female leaders are nothing new in other parts of the world"

"The US has a female presidential nominee for the first time. Here's why it took so long."

"Fear of a female president"

"First woman to first woman"

"What do Clinton and Merkel have in common?"

"As good as it gets"

Academic Insights:

"Shattered, Cracked or Firmly Intact? Women and the Executive Glass Ceiling Worldwide." Farida Jalalzai. OUP USA. March 2013.

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