Spill Your Salary Secrets

Salary talk with coworkers is becoming the new "do" in digital workplaces. recruitHER founders Gina Helfrich and Ashley Doyle share their insights on savvy negotiation, the power of salary transparency and how women and tech companies can jointly hack the wage gap.

More about Gina, Ashley and recruitHER:

Co-founded in Austin by Gina Helfrich and Ashley Doyal, recruitHER is a woman-owned, full-service recruiting firm committed to connecting tech companies with diverse talent.

Gina Helfrich:

Feminist Hack

Ashley Doyal: HR & recruiting leader in the Austin tech community. She has spent the last 8 years recruiting and retaining diverse teams for a variety of technology and gaming companies, such as Electronic Arts, Bethesda Softworks/ZeniMax Media, and Pandora. She is a passionate and vocal advocate for diversity and accessibility in tech and was a founding member of Electronic Arts' Diversity & Inclusion Guild. As a featured speaker, coach, and volunteer, Ashley has worked to celebrate and empower young women in STEM through partnerships with The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, GirlStart, GENAustin, BlackGirlsCode, and Women In Games International, among others.

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