The Many Lives of Bettie Page

Pin-up queen Bettie Page is more popular today than she was at the height of her career in the 1950s. Cristen and Caroline explore Bettie's biography, her pinup legacy and why many feminists consider her an icon.

The Female Nude

The female nude is a cornerstone of Western art, so how should we interpret her importance? Cristen and Caroline investigate the art history and societal significance of these mysterious unclothed muses.

Haute Couture Feminism

Can high-end fashion and feminism ever mesh? Cristen and Caroline discuss the ongoing debates about how clothing fits with feminism from Women's Lib to Chanel's (in)famous fall fashion feminist "protest."

Men Were Fashion's First Models

Shapely Ankles and Cankles

Why are women getting plastic surgery to slim down their ankles? Cristen and Caroline explore how slender ankles became a feminine beauty standard and the etymology and science behind the dreaded cankles.

Do women wear too much makeup?

A psychologist out of a small university in Wales received global media attention in early 2014 thanks to a study finding that got a lot of people talking about women trying to look pretty for men. Published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, Jones' study, "Miscalibrations in judgments of attractiveness with cosmetics," suggested women are wearing too much makeup.

Cosmetic History: 18th-Century Beauty Patches

During weeks when my adult acne acts up, I sometimes wish I could do as the 17th-century ladies did and cover up my pimples with beauty patches.

Without Eyebrows, We're Nobody

The Eyelash Lengths We Go

Why do women care so much about their eyelashes? From science and ancient history to to a mascare inventor named Rimmel, Cristen and Caroline get deep about these not-so-superficial hairs.

"Perfect" Teeth

What "perfect" teeth look like depends on where in the world you are. In this episode, Cristen and Caroline shed light on the intersections between beauty, social status and teeth.