Birth Control

Classic Episode: A Revisionist History of Abortion, Part 2

Raised during the Progressive Era crusade against abortion, Margaret Sanger devoted her life to making birth control and familiy planning accessible to women from all walks of life. In this second installment of the two-part cultural and legal history of abortion, Cristen and Caroline highlight Sanger's legacy and eugenics controversy and how the development of Planned Parenthood coincided with midcentury women's fight to access abortion by whatever means necessary.

Classic Episode: Does birth control affect future fertility?

Do oral contraceptives make it harder to get pregnant down the road? Do IUDs increase pregnancy risks? Does abortion endanger long-term fertility? Tune in for the answers to these questions (and more) in this episode.

Pain Relief, Period Survival and Pregnancy: How #BirthControlHelpedMe

How #BirthControlHelpMe is helping people understand how contraception is about more than sex and no babies.

Better Babies Contests: Eugenics Goes to the Fair

In the 1920s baby parades evolved into Better Babies Contests, marketed as public health initiatives. At these contests, often held in rural fairgrounds, babies would be disrobed, measured, weighed and evaluated for temperament and intelligence. Winning babies might claim titles such as "Heaviest Boy Under 1 Year of Age." If this sounds a lot like livestock competitions at homegrown fairs that's because it was!

Can birth control kill you?

A recent Vanity Fair article detailed the potentially fatal side effects of certain types of birth control. Cristen and Caroline unravel the science of birth control risk factors, how to minimize birth control risk and what the Vanity Fair story leaves out.

How Contraception Gave Birth to the "Bleep"

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, but thankfully for sensitive ears, the Federal Communications Commission regulates obscenity over the airwaves. In a fascinating (though profanity-laced, FYI) article at The Verge, Maria Bustillos traces the history of the "bleep," that auditory blotting out of unsavory language that radio and TV broadcasters deem inappropriate for unassuming audiences, and how it simultaneously spotlights the word or topic in question:

For the second "Boys of Summer" episode, Caroline and Cristen discuss the life and legacy of John Rock, a devout Catholic and co-inventor of America's first birth control pill.

A court decision to lift age restrictions on purchasing Plan B emergency contraception set off a firestorm of controversy. Cristen and Caroline talk about what Plan B does and its impacts on young women's sexual health.

What is the rhythm method and who developed it? Why is the rhythm method referred to as "Catholic roulette"? Are the rhythm method and other forms of natural birth control effective? Join Cristen and Caroline to learn the answers to these questions and more.

In this episode, Cristen and Caroline examine the relationship birth control and perceptions of promiscuity. Learn more about how birth control historically affected the outlook on premarital sex, and what happens when the cost of birth control rises.