Lady Truckers

The trucking industry is recruiting women like never before. Cristen and Caroline get behind the wheel of what life is really life out there on the road and the long haul it will take to make the job safer for women.

Lady Mechanics

Auto mechanics is a decidedly male-dominated field, with women comprising less than 2 percent of the profession. Cristen and Caroline get under the hood of the history of women and automobile upkeep and look at why a growing number of ladies are opening garages on their own.

Did Baby On Board signs wreck parenting?

Women's Work: Mechanics

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, women comprise just 2.4 percent of auto mechanics and 1.8 percent of automotive service technicians. That automotive gender gap probably has something to do with the long-held stereotypes of cars as men's-only machines (we did an entire podcast on the history of that, in fact). But that doesn't mean all women don't know their way underneath the hood of a car, as evidenced by these vintage lady mechanics, which I refuse to call by the terrible nickname "grease girls" (which kind of just sounds like the Pink Ladies from "Grease" anyway).

The First (Pink) Car Designed For Women

Men and Cars

What's the sociocultural deal with men and cars? Cristen and Caroline take a drive through the gendered history of car advertising, early electric cars for women and why guys are still behind the wheel more often.

What do men and women look for in cars? What are the facts about discrimination at the dealership? In this episode, Caroline and Cristen take a closer look at a new study that finds women are savvier car shoppers.