Fictional Feminists: Daria

Why everyone loves “the Misery Chick”

The Female Cartoonist Who Survived the Charlie Hebdo Attack

This week on the podcast, Caroline and I devoted both episodes to the history of (mostly) American women in comics and cartoons. Meanwhile, outside the Stuff Mom Never Told You studio, Paris has been mourning the terrorist attacks that took place last week...

Women in Comics, Part 2

When the Underground Comix Revolution happened in the 1960s, women still weren't welcome in comics circles, but it didn't stop them from making their art and telling their unique stories. In the second half of a two-part podcast, Cristen and Caroline trace the rise of women like Lynda Barry and Alison Bechdel in indie comics to the current clamor for more women in today's mainstream comic book industry.

50 Women in Comics You Should Know

Fifty women in comics you should know, including cartoonists, illustrators, comic book artists, web comic creators and all-around visual geniuses. Lovingly crowdsourced by Stuff Mom Never Told You fans. In alphabetical order.

Women in Comics, Part 1

In 1896, Truth magazine published the first comic strip drawn by a woman. In the first half of a two-part podcast, Cristen and Caroline trace the early history of women in comics from the origin of the newspaper comic strip to the Golden Age of Comic Books.

How Bambi Broke Disney's Celluloid Ceiling

The Women Behind Disney

Did you know an army of Disney "animation girls" helped bring its classic films to life? Cristen and Caroline highlight women working in the early days of Disney and women in animation's continuing quest to shatter the celluloid ceiling.