7 Cowgirls Who Ruled the Frontier

It's easy to be fascinated by these rough-and-tumble frontier women. Cowgirls defied the gender norms and expectations of their time, trading skirts for chaps and housework for horses. In the 1922 book "The Cowboy: His Characteristics, His Equipment," author Philip Ashton Rollins claims women weren't an important factor in the West because there were so few of them. Despite the existence of Calamity Jane or Cattle Kate, Rollins wrote that "ranchwomen's" influence was pretty much limited to their households. He never met these seven extraordinary women.

7 Reasons Women's Clothing Sizes Make No Sense

When did women begin wearing pants?

Before men started wearing the crotch-covering legging we call trousers, everybody wore skirts in one form or fashion (see also: loincloths, tunics, togas, kilts, etc.). And why not? Skirts are far simpler to construct and facilitate more cooling air flow to the nether regions, which would've been a godsend in the pre-air conditioning days. But then, thanks to the rise of horseback infantries, trousers (see also: breeches, codpieces, tights, etc.) became the below-the-belt manly uniform of the masculine masses. Western women, meanwhile, continued wearing skirts, and not just simple wrap-around numbers. We're talking multi-layered, heavy, floor-length ensembles often further supported and puffed out with the assistance of cage crinoline, petticoats, bustles, or other clunky foundation garments, depending on the era (see also: corsets).

Why Men Wear Pants

I hadn't given much thought to why men wear pants until I started looking into why women wear skirts. The only known clothing to predate the skirt is the loincloth, which means that for a long time, skirts were unisex, as Valerie Steel, director of the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, told CBS News: "Men and women both wore skirts in ancient times. Once you had the initial idea of weaving a rectangle and tying it around yourself, you had basically the skirt. And if you look at say ancient, Egyptian paintings, you see men and women both wearing what's in effect a skirt." So why and when did the skirt begat the pant (Fun fact: "pant" is derived from 4th-century Roman Saint Pantaleon)?

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