Larry Nassar's Crimes

Larry Nassar was convicted for decades of serial sexual abuse. Here's what his crimes tell us about how society sees women and girls

What’s the Deal with Women’s Colleges?

Emilie and Bridget chat with resident lil’ sis, Isabel, about her experience at a women’s college and explore the merits of single-sex higher education.

Greek Brotherhood

How did Greek fraternities become a part of college life? Cristen and Caroline investigate the history of fraternities and how problems hazing, drinking and sexual assault threaten their future existence.

Drunkorexia Starves for a Drink

Despite the verbal play on anorexia, drunkorexia isn't a formally recognized eating disorder, either, but it has attracted increasing attention in recent years as a legitimate public health concerns. It first made headlines in 2011 with the publication of a University of Missouri-Columbia study "examined the relationship between alcohol misuse and disordered eating, including calorie restriction and purging." Among the 16 percent of those who reported "saving" meal calories to spend on partying, three times more women than men copped to drunkorexic patterns. Those health economics didn't stop with weight concerns, either; students were also motivated to drink on an empty stomach in order to get drunk faster and save cash on alcohol purchases in the process.

Negative stereotypes about sororities abound, but are they deserved? Molly and Cristen explore the history, practices and reputation of modern sororities in this podcast from