Cosmo to Kinsey: You're a Hack

Before Alfred Kinsey's landmark Sexual Behavior in the Human Female hit the presses in 1953, the University of Indiana institute invited a small group of journalists for a pre-publication look at the highly anticipated report. Social scientist Amram Scheinfeld attended the sneak peak for Cosmo, more than a decade before Helen Gurley Brown would take over the editorial reins and mold it into the sex-centric magazine on today's newsstands. Despite the fever pitch surrounding the survey (which included an attempted $100,000 bribe to Kinsey in exchange for a glance at the findings), Cosmo's Scheinfeld wasn't impressed.

Life According to Cosmo: How to Cook a Cosmo Snack

Life According to Cosmo: How to Wear a Romper

These adult onesies made their comeback a couple summers ago, and now Cosmo reports that guys have jumped on the bandwagon and are simply dying to see women dressed up in the one-pieces. I'm skeptical of the claim since a) I couldn't find you a majority of women, much less men, who adore rompers, and b) I've never heard a man express interest rompers aside from the perplexing bathroom mechanics involved with wearing one. Not to mention that we don't know who these romper-crazy "guys" are who Cosmo supposedly commissioned to tell women what "fun fearless fashion" to wear this July.

Life According to Cosmo Begins

The other night, I did something that I haven't done since my high school days. I plunked down on my front porch and read the ultra high-brow July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Yes, that Cosmopolitan, aka the kneejerk metaphor for pretty much everything wrong with women's pop culture today. And no, it wasn't an affinity for cover girl Shakira that led me to fork over my hard-earned $4.29.